Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: How long has Mueller known there was no Trump-Russia collusion?

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
How long has Mueller known there was no Trump-Russia collusion?: Andrew McCarthy
Rep. Doug Collins Releases Transcript From ‘Spygate’ Target Papadopoulos: CTH
Ex-Trump campaign aide Papadopoulos: FBI asked him to wear a wire: Fox

Democrats Need Trump: J.T. Young
Kate Steinle's parents can't sue 'sanctuary city': KRDO
The Southern Poverty Law Center Is in a State of Moral Collapse: David French

Republicans confident Trump can pick up black voter support in 2020: Emily Ward
POTUS Delivers Pointed Remarks About Mueller and Obama’s Involvement: CTH
House Dems fail to override Trump veto of border emergency declaration: Fox


Illinois Put on Clock by Feds to Fix Food Stamp Problems or Lose Some Funding: WFB
Sanders on Eliminating Private Health Insurance: ‘Get Rid of the Insurance Companies’: Grabien
Senator Mike Lee Promoted to General During Great Meme War of 2019 : CTH

Scandal Central

Drip, Drip – Herridge Drops Two More Pages of McCabe and Page Texts: CTH
On Exoneration, Prosecutors, and Innocence — Trump Vindicated: AmSpec
Trump OK with DOJ releasing Mueller report without White House seeing it, Lindsey Graham says: Daniel Chaitin

Jussie Smollett hoax charges dropped, actor wants to 'move on with my life': Fox
Records: Former Michelle Obama aide, Smollett relative reached out to Kim Foxx: Sun-Times
7 People Who Were Sentenced for Same Thing Jussie Smollett Allegedly Did: Breitbart


Soros Bankrolls Unverified ‘Hate Crime’ Database Used by Major Media Outlets: Joe Schoffstall
Comey can't fathom 'confusing' Mueller decision on Trump: Katelyn Caralle
Biden Rips White Man’s Culture, Regrets Anita Hill Hearing: Grabien


China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile Launched From Ship Container: Bill Gertz
Unnerved by Gaza Protests, Hamas Attacks Israel: Aaron Kliegman
Catalonia: Self Determination vs. Rule of Law in Spain: Todd Mack

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Health Care Computers Can Kill You: Betsy McCaughey
DeepMind and Google: the battle to control artificial intelligence: Hal Hodson
24 F-22 Raptors Do The "Elephant Walk" In Alaska To Tout Their Readiness To Fight : TheDrive


The Many Unanswered Questions About the Trump Investigation: Sharyl Attkisson
New Zealand Just Banned Military-Style Firearms: Here’s Why The U.S. Can’t: Herschel Smith
'Probably the Biggest, Most Consequential Screw up of the Last 25 to 50 Years’: Grabien

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