Sunday, March 24, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Make them pay for their failed coup

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Make them pay for their failed coup: Don Surber
Deep-State Dumpster Fire: Mark Steyn
Barr Reviews Mueller Report – Pelosi Huddles With Team for Strategy: CTH

The wisdom of Trump's lawyers, and the accountability that must now come: John Solomon
If Mueller's report lacks indictments, collusion is a delusion: Jonathan Turley
Schiff, Dems Demand Full Mueller Report, Here’s Why That Can’t Happen: RS

Creepy Democrat positions: Don Surber
Never forget: CAIR’s dirty deeds: Michelle Malkin
Does the Left Want Civil War?: Market-Ticker

Nunes: No rest until Mueller scope memo released, 'dirty cops' rounded up: Daniel Chaitin
The Brains Behind AOC Part Deux....: Feral Irishman
Police to ‘pompous twit’ AOC: Resign before we’re forced to arrest you: Joe Newby


Tax reform is making American companies more competitive around the world: Alexander Hendrie
Guess How Much AOC Owes In Corporate Back Taxes: Beth Baumann
Reactions To The ‘Seattle Is Dying’ Special On Homelessness: John Sexton

Scandal Central

Our Turn? – President Trump’s Declassification Arsenal…: CTH
Confident Trump and anxious Washington wait for AG Barr's report on Mueller's key findings: Gregg Re
Barr Reviews Mueller Report – Pelosi Huddles With Team for Strategy: CTH

On Mueller report, hypocritical Dems suddenly embrace transparency they rejected in Obama years: Jason Chaffetz
Ed Henry Special Report on Mueller Probe With Nunes, Bosse and Jarrett: CTH
Trey Gowdy breaks down what's next for the Mueller report: Fox


The American Media Destroyed Themselves over the Mueller Investigation: Roger L. Simon
Media Ignores Major Story About the Dossier—Again: Julie Kelly
Decades-Old Footage Shows Scalia Warning About Exactly What’s Happening in America Today: C. Douglas Golden

CNN Forced To Admit Mueller Report Vindicates Trump: DC
Must Watch: Chris Matthews Suffers an Epic Meltdown Over the Mueller Report: NB
Virginia Muslim leader: It's “Islamophobic” and “hate” to use words like “Islamist extremist”: Robert Spencer


Make America Great Again with USA Flag Baseball Hat
New Zealand: A Nation of Sheep: Stuart Schneiderman
Sorry Media-The New Zealand Mosque shooter is no Right-Winger: DTG
Making Militants In India’s ‘Paradise On Earth’: Zeba Siddiqui, Fayaz Bukhari

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Lightning Makes Bitcoin Great Again (for Payments): CoinDesk
Why I believe the future of work is on the blockchain: Simona Pop
Where Have All the Angels Gone?: Tomasz Tunguz


False Flags work: NZ sheeple voluntarily surrender their guns: FOTM
Virtual Visit to NYC Subway: MB
A Failed Organic Coup: MOTUS

Another Shooting Hoax?: Feral Irishman
Flailing Arm Guy To The Rescue: Mike Bunch
AOTW 3-22-2019: GOC

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Anonymous said...

"Collusion is a Delusion".
Mr. T wanted a Military parade, perhaps he would settle for a Chariot drawn buy 8 white horses with his enemies shackled and roped running behind him. Of course the wild foreign beasts he subdued would be on display behind him as well.
A few days later every street that leads to the White House would be lined with RATS hanging from poles.

Doom said...

MSM did no such thing. I doubt if a single American believes any differently than before this started. Those who were for Trump's ouster don't care about rules. They are all like Hillary now. Remember, she was removed by even the crooks who took down Nixon. Those who are for Trump, or like me simply know a wrongful coup when we see one, also haven't changed. The difference is between who are willing to win at any cost and those who know better. So far we got lucky with Trump. Make no mistake though, we are losing.

The only reason MSM is dying is it's pay model. Not even the low-q's have time for commercials, especially singularity commercials, or sitting for television. Maybe a movie... ask Shakespeare what happened to plays? Or why operas are mostly dead. Attention span dies with tech and (especially multicultural) civilizations' expansion. Hmm?

It would take ending emancipation and "civil rights" to fix things. Possible but unlikely. Men don't want to be in charge. Then again, with the benefit of being cads gone, and marriage all but dead for high achievers, perhaps elites will reconsider. When they could just give the last woman and brats a house and a line of credit similar to office cash... but this half even for billionaires is ridiculous. We'll see.