Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin: Mueller is a 'coward'

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Mark Levin: Mueller is a 'coward': Avery Anapol
Mueller probe ends but House Democrats are just getting started: Susan Ferrechio
POTUS Responds to Mueller Report During Oval Office Meeting With Netanyahu: CTH

Pompeo: Democrats Are Mainstreaming Anti-Semitism: Adam Kredo
Nine Democratic presidential candidates skip AIPAC’s pro-Israel conference: TheNational
Beta O'Rourke picks 2020 campaign manager who helped Obama win in 2012: Exam

Apologies to President Trump: Sharyl Attkisson
On collusion, Mueller sent sign after sign, yet some would not see: Byron York
Here's why Biden, Bernie and Beto are peaking: B.J. Rudell

Donald Trump Jr. Discusses the Mueller Report and Media Lies: CTH
Despite Dem Hysteria, There Was No Interference in Mueller’s Probe: Charlie Kirk
Obama and Pelosi Rally the Troops: CTH


Pentagon Authorizes $1 Billion for Border Wall Construction: Ivan Pentchoukov
Trump DOJ asks appeals court to strike down all of Obamacare: Joseph Lawler
Trump faces backlash for tapping Fed critic for bank: Sylvan Lane

Scandal Central

Conclusion of Special Counsel Probe Puts Focus on Origins of FBI’s Investigation: Jasper Fakkert
How a congressional panel may have already scrutinized Trump's tax returns: Colin Wilhelm
Mark Levin weighs in on DOJ and FBI leaks to the media during the Mueller investigation: Fox


Mueller Exposes Spy Chiefs: William McGurn
Media's Trump-Russia collusion coverage is the 'worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime:' Brit Hume: Greg Norman
Will Trump DOJ Do Anything About Obama-Era Hacking of Sharyl Attkisson: Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Creepy Porn Lawyer Arrested for Extortion and Fraud – Full Criminal Complaint(s): CTH
Pompeo: Journalists are fueling anti-Semitism: Joel Gehrke
Obstruction of Justice: Dov Fischer


In New Zealand, Terrorism Is Winning: Greg Jones
Pentagon touts 'critical milestone' after successful missile defense test with interceptors: Exam
National Security Group Reestablished With Focus on China Threat: Bill Gertz


Mueller Time!: GOC
Acosta Has a Secret Friend: Sondrakistan
Everything’s Better With Some Morning Joe: MOTUS

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