Monday, March 04, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Jordan, Meadows Inform AG Barr of Compromise Within Mueller Probe

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Jordan, Meadows Inform AG Barr of Compromise Within Mueller Probe: CTH
Project Veritas Video on Facebook Deboosting: BattleSwarm
Trump says Michael Cohen hearing may have sabotaged North Korea summit: Daniel Chaitin

Nunes Interview: on the Dossier, Cohen and Accountability for #SpyGate: CTH
HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff Outlines Multi Faceted Impeachment Strategy: CTH
Schiff claims "collusion" by Trump citing Tower meeting linked to... Fusion GPS: Brett Samuels

Ilhan Omar repeats dual loyalty charge while dismissing Democratic rebukes: Joel Gehrke
ISIS May Be Knocked Out in Syria But It’s Alive in US: Clarion
More Politically-motivated Attacks on Self-Defense Law: Andrew Branca


Why John Stuart Mill is still important: John Ruberry
Chart of the day…. or century?: Mark J. Perry

Scandal Central

Forgetting Hanssen: FBI saw agent's affair as security risk but took little action: John Solomon
Devin Nunes seeks 'chain of custody' of dossier and Clinton ties with 32-person list: Daniel Chaitin
Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows refer Michael Cohen to DOJ for alleged perjury: Sara Carter

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Greenpeace Co-Founder To Ocasio-Cortez: You’re a ‘Pompous Little Twit’: Shifra


Sunday Talks: Jim Jordan -vs- Chuck Todd: CTH
By the Way, CPAC banned Laura Loomer: Loomer
Foraging For Mushrooms: MOTUS


National Security Advisor John Bolton Discusses North Korea: CTH
Biased UN Report Condems Israel Use of Force Failing to Denounce Hamas Terror: Sara Carter
The Netanyahu Witch Hunt: Victor Rosenthal

John Bolton: 'We're not afraid to use the word Monroe Doctrine': Daniel Jativa
Watch: Collectivos terrifying the La Candelaria neighborhood in Caracas: Dan Siddons
Rand Paul Announces He Will Vote With Democrats on Border Emergency: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

If History Repeats Itself, Bitcoin Market Cap Could Pass $7 Trillion During Next Run: Cole Petersen
How the Dark Web Data Bazaar Fuels Enterprise Attacks: Rob Juncker
This Photo Shows Sharks Inside a Wave: Michael Zhang


The Blood Libeling of the Luo Tribe of Kenya: Baldilocks (2014)
‪#OcasioCortezChildrensBooks‬ — These tweets are hilarious: Bookworm
Here is a 13-foot-long, 700-pound alligator found in Georgia: Circa

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