Sunday, March 17, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: What Trump does not do...and it's fantastic

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What Trump does not do...and it's fantastic: Majid Mohammadi
Meanwhile, MS-13 is still slaughtering people in the U.S. every day: Scoop
WaPo: Coyotes Create Bus Network to Deliver Migrants into U.S. Jobs: Neil Munro

Nunes Confirms: Chris Steele Did Not Write Dossier: CTH
Bruce Ohr: Political Operatives Got The FBI To Investigate The NRA: Margot Cleveland
President Trump Tweets Support for Full Transparency Around Mueller Report: CTH

AOC Denies Being a Puppet Candidate, She’s Not Being Entirely Truthful: CTH
Beto: Sorry About All That Kid Murdering Stuff: Jazz Shaw
Weirdo O’Rourke: Kyle Smith

Nancy Pelosi, your excuses for Democrat anti-Semitism are un-American: Jen Kuznicki
Florida: Terror-Connected Muslim Lawyer Running for City Commissioner: Creeping
The Lies of Ilhan Omar and the Progressive Socialists: John C. Velisek


Feds Pay Millions for Lobster Tail, Booze, Toys in End of Year Spending Binge: Elizabeth Harrington
Finnish Government Collapses Due to Rising Cost of Universal Health Care: Jeffrey Cimmino
Sanders’ Staff Forms First-Ever Union For Presidential Campaign Workers: PuffHo

Scandal Central

Judge Unseals Steele Deposition, Sen. McCain Associate Confirms He Gave Dossier To Buzzfeed: OAN
Bombshell: Strzok Told Congress Robert Mueller Never Asked Him About Anti-Trump Texts: Tyler O'Neil
Bad Sex Advice for $250 an Hour: R.S. McCain

Climate, Energy & Regulations

This is the SEAL Leadership book we have been waiting for.
Surprise: World Socialists Are Super Enthused By Climate Kids Walkout: Cove
Nuclear Power vs. Solar and Wind Power: Target Liberty
Historic floods hit Nebraska after 'bomb cyclone' storm: Gabriella Borter


Media Gorges Itself on Hatred While Ignoring Atrocities: Pedro Gonzalez
You Know You Have an Antisemitism Problem When…: Aussie Dave
Poll: 41% of Americans view Rep. AOC negatively, up from 26% in September: OAN

The ADL is a Threat to Jews: Daniel Greenfield
Jimmy Fallon’s Beto... SHAKE AND BAKE!: Steven Hayward
Rep. Ilhncest Omar Accuses The Hill Of ‘Otherizing’ Her: WZ

Do the Mueller Report Books Indicate Pending Release?: CTH
Brutal: CNN is... dying: @CalebJHull
Backstory: How Reuters uncovered Beto O'Rourke's teenage hacking days: Reuters


Common Causes of Three Crises in Three Continents: Amir Taheri
Shooters Fled Second Mosque Attack As Good Guy With Gun Returned Fire, Report Says: Ryan Saavedra
Iranians arrested in Buenos Aires with poorly forged Israeli passports: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google Refuses to Help U.S. Defense, But Works With Chinese Government and Military: CTH
Are Atheists Genetically Damaged?: Neuroskeptic
Bitcoin Rallying Above $4,000 Could be Due to Bitmex Futures: Analyst: Davit Babayan


The trial of the century (in Alabama): Spencer Hall
Beta 2020!: Cube
Where Is Our St. Patrick?: MOTUS

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