Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Breaking: Beckel says "shoe will drop on Obama... tomorrow"

Late-breaking email from Larwyn:

"shoe will drop on OBAMA regarding Michelle, tomorrow" Bob Beckel on FNC @ 6:23AM ET

He said he is hearing this from people he knows are credible. He thinks it is stupid of Repubs re timing.

He said it is a MAJOR SHOE. Was asked if it was worse than her thesis. He said much worse.

He also reported that all of Hillary's advance people were told to wrap it up in their states and return to HQ.

Now this could just be CLINTON COVERING HER TRACKS on the MAJOR SHOE!!

...We may be able to gauge the reality of the MAJOR SHOE by how many actually do come out TODAY. SHOE to drop tomorrow.

Getting tired of picking popcorn out of my teeth. Don Surber just announced he's switched to potato chips...

AJ Strata has the essential summary including alleged transcripts of the tape from two liberal blogs

Err... Pass the Twizzlers.

Update: RezkoWatch has more crucial info. Linked by: Instapundit, AJ Strata, The Anchoress, MarathonPundit, Michael Williams and STACLU. Thanks!

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