Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama's birth certificate issue: resolved

Updated 18:30: I think I've found the signature block on the Obama document. See updates below.

One of the 'smears' Barack Obama has been fighting relates to his "missing" birth certificate. The Obama campaign apparently provided the Daily Kos site with a high-resolution scan of his Hawaiian "certification of live birth".

After numerous interviews with Hawaiian officials, a variety of media sources determined that the scan looked genuine with the exception of a couple of seemingly missing elements: a signature and embossed seal, both of which should appear on the reverse side and "bleed through".

A woman named Patricia DeCosta offered media sources with a copy of her birth certificate, which demonstrated that the signature and seal should indeed be visible.

When I overlaid the two certificates, the candidate's certificate matched up almost precisely with DeCosta's.

Furthermore, one of Pamela Geller's readers did some heavy-lifting with Photoshop and discovered what appears to be an embossed seal on the back of Obama's certificate.

I was startled because I had carefully reviewed the image weeks ago and not seen any clue of a signature or embossed seal. I spent some time this morning playing with various graphics settings until I was able to tease a similar image out of the scan.

It certainly appears to be legitimate.

Obama's birth certificate is most likely genuine and therefore a non-issue. Given that, conservatives and independents need to target the uber-liberal candidate for his outrageous policy statements, serial fabrications, and rapid-fire flip-flops that make John Kerry look like John Adams.

Update: Let's examine the signature block on the DeCosta document.

Note that stamp with three lines of text and a formulaic "signature".

Now let's examine the bottom of the Obama document.

Granted, it's murky, but I'm pretty certain the same elements appear at the bottom edge.

Linked by: American Thinker. Thanks! Hat tip: Larwyn

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