Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush says 30,000 troops leaving Iraq next month. AP wonders why no one knows about it.

Funny - I didn't see this headline in the American press. Iraqi news service Aswat Al-Iraq (via Gateway Pundit and Larwyn):

U.S. President George Bush on Monday announced the withdrawal of 30,000 troops by July, highlighting that any further withdrawal of the troops will depend on the security conditions in the country... This came during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London.

In concert with this hidden report, Ace calls attention to an AP article, which wonders why the successes in Iraq are generating scant attention in the U.S.

Signs are emerging that Iraq has reached a turning point. Violence is down, armed extremists are in disarray, government confidence is rising and sectarian communities are gearing up for a battle at the polls rather than slaughter in the streets....

...positive signs are attracting little attention in the United States, where the war-weary public is focused on the American presidential contest and skeptical of talk of success after so many years of unfounded optimism by the war's supporters...

...American deaths last month — 19 including four non-combat fatalities — were the lowest monthly tally of the war. In May 2007, 126 American service members died...

Many Sunni insurgents have stopped fighting and turned against al-Qaida in Iraq, which U.S. commanders say still remains a threat.

Could the main reason that "positive signs are attracting little attention" be that media coverage of Iraq dropped by 90+% while U.S. troops achieved victory?

Nah, that couldn't be it.

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