Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who needs a damn lapel pin when we've got a seal?

The LA Times' Top of the Ticket -- "Barack Obama gets his own nifty Great Seal; all he needs now is votes":

Just before the president of the United States makes an appearance at a speech, a usually tall, muscular person with a machine gun hanging under his suit coat quietly walks on stage and hangs the presidential seal on the podium front... It's an impressive looking thing that conveys a sense of the power of the top elected office in the land and, indeed, the free world.

But Barack Obama's crowd has decided not to wait for any of the formalities like a presidential election, an inauguration or even a nomination, which he still hasn't actually officially won yet. Wasn't it Hillary Clinton who was so sidely accused of thinking her nomination was inevitable?

Dr. Banks suggests that the Great Seal of Obama can be used as a fashion accoutrement (e.g., Flava Flav).

Update: Don Surber calls it "The Great Seal of the United 57 States of Obama."

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