Saturday, June 21, 2008

The progressive dictionary of names for George W. Bush

The progressives have a lot of names for President George W. Bush:

Dubya, Bushie, Shrub, Chimp, Smirky, Bushitler, Chickenhawk One, Hitlerburton, Chimpowitz, Rove's Puppet, Cowboy Hitlerstein, AWOL McPsycho, Bushollini, Cheney's Sock Puppet, Chimpy McDrunkard, Darth Moron, Toxic Texan, Dim Son, Drinky McCokeSpoon, Emperor Chimpatine, Fearful Leader, Herr Bush, Moron-in-Chief, and Satan's Monkey.

Consider: after John Kerry was defeated by Bush in the the 2004 presidential election and even after Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, "progressives" have been beaten like a bongo drum by Chimpy.

Defeated by Bush on: funding the Iraq war (many, many times).

Defeated by Bush on: the 'Surge'.

Defeated by Bush on: a timetable for surrender.

Defeated by Bush on: terrorist surveillance.

Defeated by Bush on: retroactive immunity for the telephone companies.

Defeated by Bush on: key appointees like Michael Mukasey.

Defeated by Bush on: Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson fabrications that attempted to implicate Karl Rove, Darth Cheney, and others.

The key question for "progressives": because you assert that George W. Bush is retarded... and because he continues to crush each and every one of your initiatives... what does that say about the "progressive" movement?


Hat tip: Blue Dog Democrats. Ehm, related question for the "progressives" out there: did you ever stop and consider what electing conservatives would mean? That's a rhetorical question, because that would require deduction and thinking ahead -- two traits that socialists aren't known for.

Darcy Burner at OpenLeft says "We need better Democrats." No, Dars, you need real Democrats. Men like JFK and Harry S Truman. Men who believed in the superiority of the American dream; who supported the U.S. military; and wouldn't hesitate to protect freedom around the world.

Instead we get headlines like this -- from September 2007 -- "Democrats tell Petraeus that Iraq surge has failed."

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Priscilla King said...

Found this on The Blaze, thought I'd say hi. McCokeSpoon? I always liked "Who Says Men Can't Be Blondes?" for him.