Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Set the wayback machine to September 10, 2001, Mr. Obama!

Jammie Wearing Fool:

Quiz time: What do Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher, William Perry, Jamie Gorelick, Tony Lake, Susan Rice, Greg Craig, Eric Holder, Richard Danzig and Jim Steinberg all have in common?

They're all former Clinton Administration officials in some capacity, many of them undistinguished.

So going back to the 90s represents change?

Today he'll be working with a senior working group, which includes most of the above. Gorelick, of course, was responsible for the wall that hampered the pursuit of terrorists during her time as No. 2 to the bumbling Janet Reno.

In 2004 progressive news site Common Dreams expressed shock and dismay with her presence on the 9/11 Commission ("'Whitewash': 9/11 Director Gave Evidence to Own Inquiry"):

[The 9/11 Commission] was rocked Thursday by the bizarre revelation that two of its senior officials were so closely involved in the events they are investigating that they have had to be interviewed as part of the inquiry.

...Jamie S. Gorelick, one the 10 members of the commission and the other official who has answered investigators' questions, was a senior official under Attorney General Janet Reno in the Clinton administration.

...But the revelations have been greeted with dismay by the commission's critics, especially survivors and relatives of the dead, because they suggest the investigation will be -- in the words of Kristen Breitweiser, who lost her husband Ron in tower 2 of the World Trade Center -- "a whitewash."

...The news is a particularly sharp blow to the commission's credibility because Gorelick and Zelikow are the two officials to whom the White House has granted the greatest access to the most secret and sensitive national security documents of all, the presidential daily briefings.

Of the antiques advising Obama, Dean Barnett adds:

Rhetorical skills aside, Obama is a decidedly inside-the-box thinker. If he were really going to take America’s national security in a new direction, he wouldn’t be seeking counsel from these fossils.

A good way to get a sequel to 9/11 is to use the same failed people and policies of the Clinton administration.

Remember Sandy Berger's admitted coverup of 9/11 material in the National Archives? Pity the 9/11 Troofer geniuses never checked into that very real conspiracy.

For a guy whose watchword is "Change!", Obama went to the Smithsonian to retrieve this pathetic crew.

Update: Speaking of a September 10, 2001 mindset, Obama's advisers have informed Usama Bin Laden that he can appeal to the U.S. court system if he is captured.

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