Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now even you can be a member of the mainstream media!

SaysMe provides a platform for individuals to not only create ads suitable for television... but to get them placed on major channels as well.

Best of all, as least for readers of this blog: they're having trouble coming up with conservative content, so you'll get extra-special attention.

We are really looking for conservative content that is Pro-McCain... We are also seeking content about conservative issues. It seems there is a shortage of material out in the viral video sphere, and we would love to find some solid Pro-McCain content that is independently produced. It is really important to us to have good representation of all sides. If you have other bloggers that you can share this with, it will certainly help us to balance out the onslaught of the Youbama video campaign.

Click on the banner ad to check it out and -- if you like what you see -- get started.

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