Sunday, November 25, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Was the ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump a Trans-Atlantic Affair?

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Was the ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump a Trans-Atlantic Affair?: R.S. McCain
MI6 battles to stop release of classified Russia probe documents: Ben Riley-Smith
Behind the scenes: Trump vs. Mueller: Jonathan Swan

Wow: Mexico Will Have Asylum Applicants Wait Across The Border: HotAir
The Case for Collaborative Regulation: Milton Ezrati
If you're still on Facebook, you're a f***ing idiot: Twitchy

When it comes to undermining faith in our elections, Democrats hit another low: Byron York
Flake to harass GOP one more time on judicial nominees: Susan Ferrechio
‘Maoist’ Network Backing Espy’s MS Senate Race ‘Under the Radar’: Trevor Loudon

Typhus spreads through Los Angeles; over 100 cases reported: Leslie Eastman
Democratic Socialists of America's Plan to Infiltrate America's Public Schools: Jeff Sanders
Restoring Fairness to Campus Sexual-Assault Investigations: KC Johnson


As Predicted, GOP Tax Cuts Prompt Record Tax Revenues: Andrew Malcolm
Union Time, Taxpayer Dime: an Update: Mark Pulliam
Why the Fed shouldn’t raise rates in December: FoxBiz

Scandal Central

Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone associate, in plea talks with special counsel, source says: Rosalind S. Helderman
Pro Tip: Avoid Bragging: R.S. McCain
Monica Lewinsky Drops Bombshell On Crime Bill Clinton Asked Her To Commit: Carmine Sabia

Climate and Energy

The cult of Elon is a subdivision of the ecowarrior movement: Jeb Kinnison
French Riot Against Green Policies: John Hinderaker
Is RCP8.5 an impossible scenario?: Judith Curry


Silly Question: 'How Did Republicans Learn to Hate the News Media'?: Tim Graham
Laura Loomer kicked off Twitter for criticizing Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar: William A. Jacobson
Joe Scarborough gives thanks for Hillary Clinton on Thanksgiving: 'History will remember her': Jessica Chasmar

Ex-Saudi intel chief, and Khashoggi patron, casts doubt on CIA report that MBS ordered murder: Katie Paul
Like Trump, Hillary Clinton Slams Opposition Media, Unlike Trump, No One Cares: Joe DePaolo
Dan Bongino Responds To ‘Grossly Offensive’ ICE Raid Scene In ‘Murphy Brown’: ChicksOnTheRight


North Korea Blows Up DMZ Guard Towers: Jazz Shaw
Iran’s Rouhani calls Israel a ‘cancerous tumor’ established by West: TOI
UN: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): the replacement of Western civilization with Islam begins: BNI

There’s No Terrorism Like Islamic Terrorism, Despite the Left’s Lies: Bosch Fawstin
Police bombarded with fireworks fight back with tear gas as mass riots turn Paris into warzone: TheSun
Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border: BlahPo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China’s “Social Credit” System Is Coming In Two Years: Jazz Shaw
China, the NSA, Google and the War on Freedom: Roger L. Simon
Scientists at Harvard and Yale Suggest ‘Dimming the Sun’ to Fight Global Warming: Mike LaChance


Community comes together to help wounded Sailor sell Chesapeake home: Margaret Kavanagh
Lettuce Ban the BS: MOTUS
Fun: C&S

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