Saturday, November 24, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Dan Bongino Presentation of “Spygate”

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#SPYGATE, by Dan Bongino: The book reads like a spy thriller, except it is as real as a fist in the stomach. See how our Constitution is abused by those entrusted with defending it. Read this book!
Dan Bongino Presentation of “Spygate”: CTH
Adam Schiff's multifaceted plan to corner Trump on the money trail: Daniel Chaitin
Hillary Demands Full and Equal Citizenship for Illegals As Mobs Gather: S. Noble

It’s Nobody’s Business When The Notorious RBG Retires: Jazz Shaw
Could Israel’s ‘Good Neighbor’ Policy Work for the Migrant Caravans?: Joshua Rabotnick
Your Next Nationalist Demagogue: Hillary Clinton?: Jazz Shaw

Sarsour Apologetic and Defiant About Women’s March Links to Farrakhan: David Rutz
Missouri Dem: Oval Office ‘Needs to be Fumigated’ After Kanye's Visit: Nicholas Ballasy
Small band of Democrats holding votes for Pelosi's speakership bid for ransom: Naomi Lim


Report: Basic Income Disincentivizes Work: Bethany Blankley
It's time that US universities remembered due process: Brian Cates
It’s Happening! A Cashless Society with Big Downsides: S. Noble

Scandal Central

WaPo: Jerome Corsi in Negotiations With Mueller for Plea Deal: CTH
Is Mueller Probe of Manafort Now Looking Into Russian Oligarch Deripaska?: Jeff Carlson
A Deep State Motive Behind Conspicuous Releases?: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

What Could Possibly Go Wrong: SDA
Oil Crashes to Lowest Level in Year After Trump Puts Pressure on Saudis: John Carney


More Fallout From That NY Times Story About Facebook: John Sexton
Ex CIA Chief Michael Hayden Suffers Stroke: CTH
Fox News Sorry for Guest Comparing Hillary to 'Herpes': John Nolte

A rebuttal to Hillary’s comments during an interview sponsored by The Guardian: Norman Hooben
Black Friday Chaos Goes Global: Worldwide Shopping Frenzy: Joshua Caplan
Kimmel Scolds Celebs for Nonstop Trump Bashing: Christian Toto


Caravan migrants turn up their noses at all those unfilled jobs Tijuana has for them: Monica Showalter
Angela Merkel Admits End Goal — Nations Must Give Up Sovereignty: S. Noble
The Left's Lies About a World Without Borders: Sarah Hoyt

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Patently Offensive: Inventor accuses Patent Office of unconstitutional blackballing: Bill McMorris
UK to get self-driving buses and taxis by 2021: Saqib Shah
The panic over lethal automated weapons systems is unfounded, and could be dangerous: Larry Alton


Why Aren’t You 50 Points Ahead?: MOTUS
President Trump: Please Thank Navy Vet Tel Orfanos, Hero of Thousand Oaks and Las Vegas: Bruce Bawer
Not Good: Chick-Fil-A's Thanksgiving Day Parade Float Just Activated Its Laser Eyes: Babylon Bee

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1 comment:

Whitehall said...

I see Roberts agreeing with Trump and admonishing federal judges to stick to interpreting law and not making it.

He stated the ideal for a federal judiciary as laid out in the Federalist Papers. I suspect he understands fully that too many judges try to force the progressive agenda.

He's just being very judicial in his public statement.