Monday, November 26, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Trump: The Last President?

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In clear and objective language and well-supported by facts, Margolis & Noonan have compiled a devastating series of indictments of Barack Obama's presidency.
Trump: The Last President?: Wilder
Continetti: Divisions in the Country Are Larger Than Trump: WFB
Mask, Off: Cold Fury

Migrants Rush Cali Port of Entry: Repelled With Pepper Spray, Tear Gas: CTH
POTUS: “If for any reason it becomes necessary, we will close our Southern Border.”: CTH
Migrant caravan: Mexico to deport group which stormed US border: BBC

Trump: Asylum Seekers to Stay in Mexico Until Judge Approves Claims: Paul Crookston
Trump holds all the cards in caravan Mexico dealings: Monica Showalter
Hack ’em up, hack ’em up, hack ’em all up: Cold Fury

What about Your FISA Judges, Justice Roberts?: Daniel John Sobieski
Flashback: Judge Who Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order Bundled $200K for Obama: FNI
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Human Nature?: Elephant


Riots in Paris Against Economic Policies of President Emmanuel Macron: CTH
Why is the CEO of the world’s largest automaker in jail?: Thomas Lifson
Don’t Let Trump Hatred Thwart the School Choice Movement: Larry Elder

Scandal Central

Federal Judge Denies Papadopoulos Delay: Begins 14-Day Federal Prison Sentence Tomorrow: CTH
UK and Australia Battle to Keep 21 Pages of Russia-Trump Probe Secret: S. Noble
Is The Deep State Feeling The Heat?: Mark Wauck

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Another report reluctantly admits that 'green' energy is a disastrous flop: Peter Foster
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake leaves more than 170 injured in western Iran: Chaffin Mitchell
MN: Gov.-Elect Walz’s Gas Tax Hike Plan Faces Opposition: Michael Carroll


The Escalating Assault on Citizen Journalism: Jack Cashill
Chaff and Countermeasures: Trey Gowdy Discusses Comey, Chief Justice Roberts, Ivanka: CTH
Ocasio-Cortez Compares Migrant Caravan To Jews Fleeing Holocaust: Peter Hasson

Alan Dershowitz: Mueller's final report 'is going to be devastating' for Trump: Naomi Lim
Media Begin Full Propaganda Push to Create Victim Narrative around Migrants: CTH
Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker On Defense Of Life: Herschel Smith


Russian military fires on Ukrainian vessels in Black Sea, Ukraine says: Samuel Chamberlain
Four times more Sunni Islamist militants today than on 9/11, study finds: Joseph Fitsanakis
Russia opens third front in war on Ukraine: Andrew Rettman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Typhus spreads through Los Angeles; over 100 cases reported: Leslie Eastman
Twitter Just Banned A Conservative Combat Veteran And Federalist Writer For No Reason: Madeline Osburn
Twitter Slides Further into Irrelevancy: Jon Gabriel


Gospel Choir Takes Over Mall To Praise the Lord: TMN
Monday Pun 11-26-2018: GOC
Twitter Introduces New Feature Allowing Users To Flag Civil, Appropriate Content: Babylon Bee

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Anonymous said...

Mueller is pursuing the kitchen help now.
Shut Him Down Mr. T.

"If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him."