Saturday, November 03, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin: ‘You sick of being called Nazis? … Then you need to vote!’

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In clear and objective language and well-supported by facts, Margolis & Noonan have compiled a devastating series of indictments of Barack Obama's presidency.
Mark Levin: ‘You sick of being called Nazis? … Then you need to vote!’: Chris Pandolfo
The George Papadopoulos Interview You’ve Been Waiting For: Dan Bongino
Evidence piles up: caravan's criminals, terrorists, and human shields: Monica Showalter

Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign Self-Destructs: Brian Cates
Oust Menendez: NRO
Some Facts About Immigration, Legal and Illegal, and The Numbers: Elephant

IN Senate: Donnelly's wife tells campaign workers to lie to voters: PV
Big Labor Throws Donnelly a Lifeline: Bill McMorris
Ex-Democrats Flock to See Trump, And Hope to Oust Manchin: Elizabeth Harrington

Levin’s warning: what the House will look like if GOP voters don’t show up: Nate Madden
Bundy Son Sues US for Nevada Standoff Prosecution: Erika Williams
Pittsburgh paper: HIAS remains defiant in wake of synagogue murders: RSR


The Trump Economy Continues to Surge: Matthew Continetti
Jim Jordan Discusses President’s Record and the Midterm Election Outlook: CTH
Georgetown Professor Calls Fox News Employees ‘Terrorists’: Cameron Cawthorne

Scandal Central

Andrew Gillum and the Mystery of 311 East Jennings Street: Steve Miller, RCI
Obama's CIA Secretly Intercepted Congressional Communications About Whistleblowers: ZH
Feds Using 'Reverse Warrants' To Gather Data On Thousands Of Non-Suspects: Tim Cushing

Kavanaugh Accuser Admits: I Made Up Claims of Sexual Assault to "Get Attention": Katie Pavlich
Judiciary Chairman Refers Second Fraudulent Kavanaugh Accuser for Prosecution: CTH
UW Issues Voting ID Card To Non-Citizen: MacIver


Poll Suggests Possibility of Another Silent Red Wave: Ivan Pentchoukov
47% of Americans 'feel like a stranger in their own country,' cultural alienation survey finds: Jennifer Harper
Blue wave BS exposed: Dems showing signs of far more stress than Republicans: Thomas Lifson

CNN gambled on being the 'anti-Trump' network. It failed: Rick Moran
Alec Baldwin Arrested in NYC for Punching a Man in a Parking Lot: Aryssa Damron
Michael Moore Slams Pelosi for Declaring Victory in House Races Before Midterms: Cameron Cawthorne


Inconvenient Truths About Middle Easterners Inside the Central American Caravans: William McGowan
Eagle vs. Red Dragon Continues: Larry Kudlow Discusses Conflicts With China: CTH
UN, EU and Soros provide migrants with prepaid debit cards to fund their trip to Europe: Voice

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Speed of Crypto Hacks is Picking Up: This Month Alone Thieves Stole $71.5M: HowMuch
Hubble has been busy since coming back online: ScienceNews
Twitter "sorry" for "mistake" of posting "Kill All Jews" as a trend: BoingBoing


President Trump Reminder Tweet to Iran: “Sanctions Are Coming”: CTH
Somebody Else Is Going To Have To Make That Happen: MOTUS
Six minutes of happy. That’s it. All there is for today: C&S

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