Friday, November 23, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Levin on Thanksgiving: No Thanks to Media, America Is a ‘Special Country’

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Levin on Thanksgiving: No Thanks to Media, America Is a ‘Special Country’: Emily Ward
American’t: From Midterms to End Times: Selwyn Duke
Shocker: Donations to Clinton Foundation plummet: Paul Mirengoff

Trump threatens to close the 'whole border' with Mexico: Michael Burke
Pompeo holds the line: Caravans 'will not be permitted' to enter US: Pete Kasperowicz
Xenophobia, Tijuana-Style: Caravan Migrants Fear Angry Mob: Doug Porter

Pelosi just ‘bought off’ another rebel who pledged to vote against her : Scoop
Sen-Elect Rick Scott Coming to DC With 10-Point Plan to Reform Congress: Susan Jones
President Trump Thanks Military During Global Teleconference and Media Presser: CTH


China: Trump 'vandalized' WTO rules by imposing tariffs: Pete Kasperowicz
Is Soros Profiting From His War on Facebook?: Daniel Greenfield
New IL Gov. Pritzker Wants to Raise State Pension Payments: Cole Lauterbach

Scandal Central

Espy Paid Off $267,000 Tax Debt Shortly After Lobbying for Ivory Coast Despot: Haris Alic
How Democrats Protected a Democrat Who Beat and Murdered His Wife: Daniel Greenfield
Hubris – James Comey Announces He Will Defy Subpoena: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

California's deadliest wildfire 90 percent contained after 83 deaths, 153,000 acres burned: Pete Kasperowicz
California Agency Took Nine Years to Create Fire Map: Susan Crabtree
Butte County Updates: Death Toll Climbs to 83 – Missing Persons 563: CTH


Saint Michelle Cashes in, Big Time: Brent Bozell and Tim Graham
Tulsi Gabbard Gets Blasted Across Political Spectrum After Vulgar Tweet: Ryan Saavedra
Howard Dean: People overseas don't see Trump as a 'legitimate president': Naomi Lim


Iran Had Secret Plans to Build Five Nuclear Warheads: Adam Kredo
Hillary Clinton: EU needs to cut immigration flows to stop right-wing populism: Naomi Lim
The European Court of Human Rights Submits to Islam: Judith Bergman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Local law enforcement using mysterious new tool to unlock cellphones: Jim Otte
Google Wants To Data Mine Your Home And Kids' Bedroom: ZH
Revolutionary Star-trek inspired 'ion propulsion' plane engine unveiled for the first time: DailyMail


FLOTUS Black Friday: MOTUS
‘Creed II’ Review: Sonny Bunch
Wherein Obama Dismisses Every Political Figure He's Dealt With In The Entire World: James Barrett

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