Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats paying for the Mueller Report

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Seamless Neck Gaiter Headwrap
Democrats paying for the Mueller Report: Don Surber
Listen: Joe Biden Called for Communist-style 'Revolution' in May Podcast: Joel B. Pollak
8 Democrat Myths AG Barr Debunked Between Deliberate Interruptions: Margot Cleveland

The harms children suffer when they are kept out of school due to Covid-19: OMB
Barack Obama omits AOC’s name while endorsing New York Democrats: Steven Nelson
Liberals, Secession, and “The Other”: Larry Schweikart

Heroic Neighbors Defend Home of Seattle Police Chief From Rioters: Tyler O’Neil
States don’t have the constitutional power to place travel bans on each other: Daniel Horowitz
Democrat 'War Game' for Election: West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War: Joel B. Pollak

Local News Experiment With Mail-In Ballots Ends In Disaster: RCP
Police bodycam footage shows arrest of George Floyd for the first time : DailyMail
Communist Party Leader Endorses Joe Biden for President : Breitbart

Seven Major October Surprises Awaiting Democrats: Larry Schweikart
The threat to free speech is universal: Paddy Hannam
What Comes Next: The Z Man


Antifa Is the Natural Product of Our Educational System: Roger L. Simon
NJ takes step toward granting professional licenses to illegal immigrants: Emma Colton
Retail rents plummet across NYC, as America’s glitzy shopping districts turn into ghost towns: Lauren Thomas

Scandal Central

Factual Stuff That Will Help Reconcile Issues Within Spygate and The Special Counsel: CTH
Big Tech Censorship is the IRS Scandal of 2020: Joel B. Pollak
If They can Kill Your Parents.......: Counterspin

Attkisson v. Holder: The Government Spied on Me and Now is Hiding the Guilty Parties: Sharyl Attkisson
Democrat Operative: “Mail-in” Ballots Could Easily Be Used to Make Nancy Pelosi “President”: Missy Crane
Status Update – DOJ/FBI Investigative Research on The Road: CTH


Media Silent As Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles: Mollie Hemingway
Hugh Hewitt in WaPo: The Case For Trump Will Come Down To His Record: It’s A Strong One.: Instapundit
Why the Media Chose Not to Hear When Trump Called Obama a Literary Fraud: Jack Cashill

Trump retweets Mark Levin calling Obama a ‘pathological liar’ after his John Lewis eulogy: Kunal Dey
Rush Limbaugh, Exceptional American: Scot Bertram
New Evidence: Key Fans Unhappy With Sports Leagues Kowtowing to Black Lives Matter: Anne Hendershott

Media Silent As Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles: Mollie Hemingway
Dan Bongino: Sources Say Biden Reaching Point of No Return, Democrat Decision Time: RS
Flop Sweat Builds As Efforts to Stop Joe Biden From Debating Donald Trump Heat Up: RS


China’s Emerging Middle Eastern Kingdom: Tablet
Try Taking a Knee: SDA
China, Japan island dispute in new sharper focus: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The media’s TikTok blindspot: Stephen L. Miller
The TikTok War: Stratechery
Mark Zuckerberg Continues Facebook’s Turn against China: Jimmy Quinn

This Indian slum contained a possible COVID-19 disaster with hydroxychloroquine: Herschel Smith
Fertility rate: 'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born: BBC
About Those 'Green Energy' Unicorns...: Michael Walsh


The Benefits of Talking to Strangers: DNYUZ
Bear spotted in North Carolina with 'Trump 2020' on its collar: Aris Folley
KFC Tests 3D-Printed Chicken Nuggets in Russia: Moscow Times

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