Friday, August 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: A Fake DNC Convention Ends With Real Nastiness

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A Fake DNC Convention Ends With Real Nastiness: Daniel Greenfield
No future awaits Democrats who rage against family, work, and community: Joel Kotkin
Democrats Killed Cannon Hinnant and George Floyd: Daniel Greenfield

Obama Panics: Don Surber
When Authority Vanishes: Chicago’s leaders have surrendered to vandals: John O. McGinnis
Gang of Teens Accused of Robbery and Murder of NC Girl – Media Silent: Jack Hadfield

Don’t Be Distracted from the Democrat Convention Disaster: EIB
NJ Mail-In Vote Fraud Case Causes Recount: NBC-NY
Trump Must Release His Tax Returns to Manhattan Prosecutors, Judge Rules: WSJ

Biden Repeats Charlottesville Lie in Divisive DNC Acceptance Speech: Debra Heine
DNC Night 4: Biden Manages to Clear Low Bar, Media Weeps Tears of Joy: Stephen Kruiser
Trump goes on the offensive against Biden over pandemic handling: Cassidy Morrison


Conformity to a Lie: Heather Mac Donald
Californian Blackout Fury: “It’s Not Just the Heat, It’s Also the Anti-Nuclear Power Stupidity”: Eric Worrall
Good Grief, Goodyear is Run By Idiots: CTH

Scandal Central

GOP chairman subpoenas former Obama official linked to Steele dossier: Jordain Carney
Report: Durham May Finally Interview Brennan Friday: RS
Delta has banned the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden for refusing to wear a mask on a flight.: David Slotnick

Sketchy Business – Clinesmith Agreement Structured to Avoid Scrutiny Upon Special Counsel: CTH
Rudy Giuliani Interviews Doctors On Biden’s ‘Rapidly Declining’ Cognitive State: Bucalupo
Steve Bannon on fugitive Chinese billionaire's 150-foot superyacht before he was arrested on board: Daily Mail


Pro-life journalist David Daleiden rips Kamala Harris' 'radical disrespect and contempt' for First Amendment: Fox
Twitter Refuses to Reinstate Laura Loomer‘s Account After Primary Win : Allum Bokhari
Burgess Owens Says ‘BLM Inc. Is Nothing But A Marxist Organization’: Scott Morefield

“This War Can’t Be Civil”: Berkeley Columnist Calls For “Violent Resistance”: Jonathan Turley
Tucker Carlson Exposes the Lunacy of the DNC In Brutal Breakdown: RS
There’s a reason that Netflix is sexualizing young girls: Andrea Widburg


Iran says new 'Qassem Soleimani' ballistic missile can reach Israel: Tom Rogan
Report ties Hezbollah to ammonium nitrate imports: AT
6 Prominent Russians Who Suffered Poisoning Attacks: Moscow Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

It's no accident that Americans are remarkably ignorant about the Wuhan virus: Andrea Widburg
Let's Be Serious, More C02 Isn't Making the Earth 'Uninhabitable': David Simon
Storing energy in red bricks: Talia Ogliore


Man Who Intentionally Divided Nation For Eight Years Calls For Unity: Babylon Bee
Quit Glorifying Communism. There Is Nothing Romantic About Life In A Police State: Inez Feltscher Stepman
Supporting the “1776 Unites Campaign”: CTH

Who Is That Masked Man?: MOTUS
Three of a Kind: Stilton’s Place
Next After COVID-19 Masks: Dog Cones for People: MB


The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

"Steve Bannon on fugitive Chinese billionaire's 150-foot superyacht before he was arrested on board": Daily Mail

My understanding is that the owner of the "Lady May" - Guo Wengui "...a 51-year-old billionaire real estate tycoon who is waging war against its ruling Communist Party..." - and Steve Bannon are connected by a series of anti-Communist broadcasts they produced and may still produce for consumption in China.

Two voices I suspect China would be happy to see silent. And, the Democrats might want to see silenced during a US election cycle.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

A most interesting video.

On my third viewing the emotions of a picture created by the Player evaporated when I started looking carefully at his clothing. The shoes hadn't been used for construction, the tool pouch was unused, it's tools were incongruous to real use, the watch was not a workers watch, and there was no way that ear protection could be worn with that hard hat. It was posed to create an effect - IN THE SAME WAY the Democrat's Convention posed as moderate to create an effect while their works, acts, and words (their clothing) labeled them actors - hypocrites.
Trumps job will be to attach the real words and acts of the RATS to them in a way that allows the American People to see through the smoke to what they really are.