Friday, August 07, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s nastiness and racism revealed again

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Biden’s nastiness and racism revealed again: Paul Mirengoff
Crazy Mazie Hirono Walks Out of Hearing After Refusing to Denounce or Criticize Antifa: LI
Potential Biden VP Lets Real Anti-Gun Agenda Slip: Tom Knighton

Biden: Unlike the Blacks, 'The Latino Community is Incredibly Diverse!’: Hannity
Joe’s Bad Day: ‘I Shouldn’t Say it, I’m Going to Say.. Something I Probably Shouldn’t’: Hannity
Shocker: Democrats Losing Decades-Long Grip on Young Black Voters: Stephen Green

Biden May Have Flunked His Cognitive Test: Don Surber
Maybe It’s Time to Admit Joe Biden Doesn’t Think Very Highly of Black People: Kira Davis
Joe Biden’s mental ability is a campaign issue that can’t be ignored: Devine: Miranda Devine

The Man Who Wasn’t There: The risks of Joe Biden’s basement strategy: Matthew Continetti
Ex-Colleagues See Durham Dropping Bombshells Before Labor Day: Paul Sperry
Considering the Durham Timeline: CTH


Entitled Public School Teachers Demand That They Continue To Be Paid for Not Coming to Work: Ace
Trucking Company Owner: Cities That Defund Police Are in for a Big Surprise: WJ
Trouble at Calpers: Abrupt Exit Hits $400 Billion State Fund: Bloomgerb

Scandal Central

New group exposes a plan to derail a Trump win: M. Dowling
Nevada Sent More Than 200K Mail-In Primary Ballots to Wrong Addresses: Joe Schoffstall
Richard Grenell Discusses Yates Testimony: “She got away with questioning yesterday”: CTH

Top Mueller prosecutor Weissmann urges DOJ officials to obstruct Barr investigations: Daniel Chaitin
Bogus Russia scandal sourced to man with history of public drunkenness: Mark Hemingway
Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: Susan Rice Was 'Lying and Spying': Eric Mack


How the Media Led the Great Racial Awakening: Zach Goldberg
NBC to Begin Laying Off Employees; Promise to Keep Layoffs to Less Than 3500: Ace
Trump 2020 is ahead of Trump 2016: Don Surber

Minneapolis Star Tribute to Ilhan Omar — “Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out”: RS
How Obama is clearing the VP field for Susan Rice: Steve Hecht
John Durham set to interview John Brennan: Report: Jerry Dunleavy


Before and after photos from Beirut's port reveal scale of disaster: EuroNews
Israel's Last Resort: What Could Make The Middle East Into A Sea Of Nuclear Fire?: Robert Farley
Trump announces plan to delist Chinese companies that won't comply with U.S. stock exchange rules: JTN

China's Genocide Machine in Xinjiang: Lawrence A. Franklin
China Building Underwater Surveillance Network in South China Sea: Jack Beyrer
Seven dead, 60 infected by new infectious disease in China: Report: Indian eExpress

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Italian Study: Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Risk 66 Percent: Marisa Herman
Obesity may cause cancer simply because larger organs have more cells: NewScientist
Trump Signs Order Banning US Transactions With TikTok, WeChat in 45 Days: Michael Kan


Beirut port worker found alive at sea 30 hours after explosion: Yaron Steinbuch
The Democrats’ Sleeper Candidate: MOTUS
Afternoon Libturdfest . . .: Woodsterman

From James Woods: Feral Irishman
It Must Be Libturd Thursday: Woodsterman
It looks as if this Fall's hit show will be called ‘Obamagate’: Andrea Widburg


Anonymous said...

Jim Hanson doesn't go far enough. Every problem we are dealing with today was seeded like Chinese seeds into the Nation's fabric by Barak Obama. He walked away smiling but like his Mother we're left asking what to do with the baby.

commoncents said...

BOOM! US adds nearly 1.8 Million Jobs in July!!! Fox New Video