Friday, August 28, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The NY Times Hits the Panic Button

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By Mark Levin, now in paperback!
The NY Times Hits the Panic Button: Steven Hayward
It is the Party of Biden That Must Lose Big In November for America to Survive : BTB
The Burning of Minneapolis: Armin Rosen

The Worst Part About Fake ‘Anti-Racism’ Is That It Forces Us To Live Lies: Katya Sedgwick
George Floyd Died of Health Complications from a Fentanyl Overdose: RS
Sandmann Lawyer Lin Wood Offers to Represent Kenosha Shooter Pro Bono: Debra Heine

President Trump RNC Acceptance Speech Closing Convention: CTH
Ja’Ron Smith “America’s Strength is America’s People: CTH
GOP insiders relieved Trump stuck to teleprompter with acceptance speech: David M. Drucker

The President wants drug tests for himself and Joe Biden ahead of their upcoming debate: JTN
Ann Dorn Powerful Speech During RNC Convention: CTH
Teen gunman who allegedly shot two in Kenosha riots charged: Mica Soellner


Protesters build guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos's house after his wealth hits $200B: Nicholas Rowan
GOP convention casts Trump as a caring pugilist who fights for ordinary people: W. James Antle III
Dan Scavino Outlines 30 Years With President Donald Trump – Effectiveness Matters: CTH

Scandal Central

Is Kevin Clinesmith Cooperating with John Durham?: Tracy Beanz
Richard Grenell Reveals Stunning Information About Spygate During RNC Speech: Tracy Beanz
Grenell Hammers Obama-Biden Admin: What I Saw As Acting DNI ‘Made Me Sick To My Stomach’: DailyWire

There is a civil war erupting at @SandiaLabs: Christopher F. Rufo
Sen. Rand Paul thanks DC cops for saving him from 'crazed mob' after RNC: Fox
Mystery man set to bail out Chinese scholar caught in US sweep: ST


Synchronicity – RNC Venue Selection, Fort McHenry, Perfect Symbolism: CTH
An NBA so woke it cancels itself: Monica Showalter
Daily Caller Reporter Richie McGinniss Tells Tucker Carlson About Kenosha Shooting That Left One Dead: DC

Lin Wood arranged for a top legal team to defend Kyle Rittenhouse: M. Dowling
Yes, Jim Comey: The Police Already Showed Up At My Polling Place In Pennsylvania: Jeffrey Lord
‘Zero Percent Chance’ That Biden Does 3 Debates: Laura Ingraham Says There Will Always Be An Excuse: Virginia Kruta


US, China blast and bluster towards a sea clash: AT
China Fires ‘Aircraft-Carrier Killer’ Missile in Attempt to Scare Off U.S.: Jack Beyrer
Report: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Step Down Due to Health Concerns: CTH

Biden’s Middle East peace plan: Rabbi Steve Roth
Russian Nuclear Sub Surfaces Off Alaska During War Games: TMT
China warns of 'shadow' over ties with Australia, tells it to stop whining: ST

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Michael Mann Refuses to Produce Data, Loses Case: John Hinderaker
The CDC is being influenced by corporate and political interests: Carey Gillam
Google Performs First Quantum Simulation of a Chemical Reaction: Slashdot


On All Fronts, President Trump Delivers a Knock Out Punch Against Biden: Katie Pavlich
The After Party: SDA
“We’re Here and They’re Not.” I Approve This Message.: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

In a unanimous decision, ABC, NBC, and CBS have declared Trump the winner of the 2020 Election by TKO. Moonves was overheard saying to Zucker "lets move along, Biden is a doddering old fool dressed in his Nappies" to which Zucker nodded and replied that "this gets rid of the Democrat Roller Derby Jammer - the Brown Jamaican Bomber as well, 4 years isn't a long time".