Monday, August 10, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Victor Davis Hanson - Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump?

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Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump?: Victor Davis Hanson
The Spies Who Hijacked America: Steven P. Schrage
Sunday Talks: Steven Schrage Appears to Discuss His Role in “Spygate”: CTH

'Black Lives Matter' Is Not Helping Blacks: Will Witt
Chicago teachers follow up 2019 strike with a 2020 ultimatum: schools won't open: Insider
DHS Exposes the Horrible Truth About Violent Antifa Riots in Portland: Tyler O’Neil

To leftists like Lori Lightfoot they are not people they are automatons: John Ruberry
How Bad is Bill De Blasio?: RS
Teacher worries parents will overhear what he’s actually teaching their kids online: BPR

Magnificent Mile Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago: John Nolte
Widespread violence and looting in Chicago: Sara Carter
‘Occupy Wall Street’ group plans 50-day ‘White House Siege’ thru Election Day: LI


Biden Promises To Outlaw Gas-Powered Cars If Elected President: I&I
Pelosi spars with Chris Wallace on stalled congressional coronavirus relief: Anthony Leonardi
Trump Stands Between You and the Poverty the Democrats Have Ready for You: Robert Spencer

Scandal Central

Lindsay Graham Releases FBI Talking Points for SSCI Briefing 2/14/18; Graham Positioned to Defend SSCI: CTH
Barr: "The American People Are Being Told A Lie By The Media" About Portland: Ian Schwartz
Evidence Is Mounting That Governor Cuomo Is Targeting Bars That Criticize Him for Suspension: Matt Margolis

@SenBlumenthal’s twisting of classified briefings and his false news reports are beyond the pale: Sen. Ron Johnson
Flynn case: oral argument for the rehearing by the full DC Circuit is Tuesday: Leslie McAdoo Gordon
Susan Rice on her Sunday show appearances after Benghazi attack — She was "a team player": Althouse


Did The FBI Mislead The Senate On The Steele Dossier? The Media Is Not Interested: Jonathan Turley
The Mainstream Media Has Betrayed Its Constitutional Privilege: Stephen Kruiser
Mark Levin likens teachers' unions that want COVID-19 protections for schools to segregationists: SorosMatters


Lebanon's information minister resigns amid violent protests after Beirut blast: Mica Soellner
Cyprus Police Question Russian Over Lebanon Disaster: AFP
Tens of Thousands Continue to Rally in Fresh Khabarovsk Protest: Moscow Times

Apple Daily’s Jimmy Lai arrested, office raided: AT
Turkey threatens Greece and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea: Tom Rogan
British Man Arrested For Filming Migrants Being Loaded Onto Coaches in Dover: Summit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Study: Sweden’s Refusal To Lock Down Saved Its Economy Without Sacrificing Lives: Sumantra Maitra
A never-before-seen image of the coronavirus copy machine: Phys.Org
Green Laser Eye Protection In The Wild: Herschel Smith


Status Update: Meet At The Old Mill, We Ride at Midnight: CTH
WWE does Antifa: Paul Mirengoff
The Year May Be A Shambles But Dinner Shall Triumph: MOTUS

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