Saturday, August 29, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Reporting We Need Now

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By Mark Levin, now in paperback!
The Reporting We Need Now: Leonydus Johnson
Mass Exodus: People are Fleeing Democrat Cities: Stu Cvrk
Wild: : now sends you direct to Joe Biden’s campaign website: WUWT

Black Assimilation Is The Great Threat To Democrats: Andrew Klavan
Combat Vet Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden Poor for National Security: OAN
This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation: WFB

More “Black Lives Matter” Anti-Semitism in Kenosha: Daniel Greenfield
Details Revealed In The State Vs. Kyle Rittenhouse Criminal Complaint: John Sexton
California Gave $35 Million ‘Voter Outreach’ Contract to ‘Team Biden’ Firm: Collin Anderson

When Will Sen. Kamala Harris Condemn The Attack On Her Colleague Rand Paul?: RS
Trump Lands Major Endorsements From Democrat Mayors in Minnesota: Katie Pavlich
The Kenosha County DA Has a History of Prosecuting Self-Defense Cases: RS


Dementia Joe AWOL as Sanders wing tries to block Obama centrists from Biden climate team: Josh Siegel
Anarchy is Chicago's new normal: Downtown businesses boarding up in anticipation of weekend looting: Marathon
Affluent Chicagoans Fleeing Due to Leadership Inability to Calm BLM Violence: Jarrett

Dow Jones erases most pandemic losses and finishes up on the year: Cassidy Morrison
School Choice Shines This Week: Lindsey Burke
How Trump Got His Right-Wing New Deal Victory: Fred Stafford (Jacobin)

Scandal Central

Tom Donohue and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announce Support for Far-Left Democrats in 2020: CTH
Is the leftist dream of tyranny now within reach? If President Trump loses, we will find out.: Michael Anton
Soros DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging: RS


Protest Violence and the See-No-Evil Media: Mark Hemingway
#MeToo: Why Won't the Media Call Jacob Blake a Rapist?: Daniel Greenfield
Sarah Palin can sue New York Times for defamation: court ruling: Jonathan Stempel

Alice Marie Johnson fires back at Politico tweet: 'I'm not a prop and I'm not a puppet': Times
Andrew Sullivan: ‘These Despicable Fanatics, Like It Or Not, Are Now...The Face Of The Democrats’: John Sexton
On C-SPAN, Dems Defect to Trump: David Rutz


Kamala Harris — It Couldn’t Be Worse: Deepak Ganju
Lebanon probes procurement of ‘death ship’ Rhosus: Alison Tahmizian Meuse
Biden Ally China Has Built 268 New Re-Education Camps, Some Large Enough To Hold 10,000 People: John Sexton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Power of Big Tech Is Greater Than Ever: Edward Ring
Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming, Whether You Like It or Not: WIRED
Elon Musk unveils V2 of the Neuralink brain-machine interface surgery bot: Andrew Tarantola


Here's How to Actually Thank Veterans for Their Service: Justin Constantine
Say Their Name. And Vote Accordingly.: MOTUS
Dan Bongino, wife stalked by Black Lives Matter activists outside RNC: 'Follow these motherf--ers': Times


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VIDEO - Tucker: Democrats do nothing to discourage rage mobs

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