Thursday, August 06, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America

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Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America: Michael Flynn
Sally Yates Testifies Biden Was at Oval Office Meeting Targeting Gen. Flynn: Joel B. Pollak
Devin Nunes Discusses Testimony of Sally Yates: CTH

Biden to Black Journalist: ‘Are You a Junkie?’: Jim Geraghty
De Blasio: Checkpoints on Tunnels And Bridges To Enforce Wuhan Quarantine Order: DC
Party houses defying COVID-19 orders may have utilities shut off, mayor says: LA Times

Trump Campaign Sues Nevada Over Lawless Mail-In Voting Law: OAN
25 percent of ballots in Brooklyn June primaries invalid: Post
Nevada mail-in voting law previews looming 2020 legal battles over ballots: Emily Larsen

That Creepy Old Weirdo In The Basement Will Never Debate Trump: Kurt Schlichter
Biden cans plans to accept 2020 Democratic presidential nomination in Milwaukee: Naomi Lim
No Doubt About It: Democrats Are Part Of The Riot Problem: I&I


PBS Challenged Speaker Pelosi Over Coronavirus Relief…A Meltdown Ensued: Matt Vespa
Joe Biden, the very definition of an empty suit: Patricia McCarthy
Six weeks to get a call back? What California is doing to improve unemployment wait times: SacBee

Scandal Central

Sally Yates Says Comey Went 'Rogue' with Michael Flynn Interview: Matt Margolis
What to Make of Sally Yates’s Senate Testimony: Andrew C. McCarthy
Do Voter ID Laws Actually Result in Disenfranchisement?: P.F. Whalen


Head of NY Times’ 1619 Project backs away from entire premise: AIM
Twitter Staffer Who Announced Trump Censorship Used to Work for Kamala Harris...: Tyler O’Neil
Oprah labeled a ‘fraud’ for calling out ‘white privilege’ since she’s so rich: Hannah Sparks

Facebook deletes Trump post saying children 'almost immune' to coronavirus: Anthony Leonardi
Protecting Joe Biden From a Debate and Susan Rice 'By the Book': John Kass
Washington Post issues major correction after botching Trump-Twitter post: Fox


Hezbollah Hoarded Fertilizer That Blew Up Beirut, Planned to Use it Against Israel in 'Nuclear' Style Attack: Katie Pavlich
Beirut Blast: How Many Kilotons?: BattleSwarm
Our Annual August Debate Over the Bombs: Victor Davis Hanson

NH4+ nitrate lurked years before shattering Beirut: AT
Joe Biden Is China’s Choice for President: Sen. Tom Cotton (3/20)
Britain's gone from lockdown to la-la-land! : DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A thread summarizing what we know about COVID-19: Bachman
Philippines had the harshest lockdown and most mask wearing. It didn’t work.: Daniel Horowitz
Wind Power failure: on average every 3 days, there is a 500MW fail: JoNova


Man allegedly spent COVID-19 relief on strip clubs, Lamborghini, Rolex --- wasted the rest: Post
Biden Snags the Coveted Revolutionary Communist Party USA Endorsement: Diogenes
Senator Josh Hawley Rips Into Sally Yates Over FISA Abuses During Hearing: Lookout

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