About BadBlue: Its Background, Objective and Future

What is BadBlue?

BadBlue is a website devoted to aggregating the most valuable news in near real-time.

Why did you create BadBlue?

I was overwhelmed with the number of news sources available. There are so many good ones, it's almost impossible to keep up.

As a software dude, I thought of creating an automated news aggregator. But how would it work? How could I make it better than other sites?

I decided to use social media as a curator of news. BadBlue leverages social media channels and determines which stories are most popular for a given topic (say, technology news or general political news).

It turned out to work pretty well... as of 9/3/2022 the total metrics are:

Not large compared to say, Daily Caller or Breitbart, but also not trivial. Especially average session time.

Do you think you succeeded?

Yes and no. The site works perfectly. It runs completely unattended. It has never had a human editor change anything on any of the pages. It seems reasonably popular, with zero marketing budget.

The technology behind the site is powerful and can be leveraged in a lot of different ways. You could easily create channels for:
  • Automotive news
  • Prepping news
  • Football news
  • Progressive/Left/Democrat news
  • China news
  • Space news
  • etc.

I would like to do so, but have little time to curate the keywords, news sites, and so on for each vertical.

What's next?

I continuously improve the current sites, but am interested in ideas about scaling.

With a little marketing and the right vertical news channels, the possibilities seem limitless.

Feel free to contact me with any ideas (douglas.ross@gmail.com).


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