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BUMMERINO: Democrats Lose Female Voters as Bungling of Real Military Conflicts Trumps Bogus "War on Women"

What if they gave a war and we had a Democrat president? As with Carter and Clinton, we're reminded daily of the Democrat Party's unofficial tagline: The Party of Weakeness. Walter Russell Mead -- and friends -- highlight the inevitable reaction of the American public as they come to grips with incompetent ideologues:

The most interesting finding of a recent NYT poll on voter preferences before the midterms: The Democrats have lost their edge with women. Though the NYT write-up of the poll doesn’t mention the change, it shows up in the accompanying graph... When asked “If the 2014 election for United States House of Representatives seats were being held today, would you vote for the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate in your district?” women favor Democrats over Republicans by one point only, 43 to 42 percent.

This is a huge swing in a short period of time: just one month earlier, women preferred Democrats by 51 percent to 37 percent in response to that question in a similar Wall Street Journal poll. Nobody quite knows what accounts for the shift, but given that support for President Obama’s foreign policy has seen similar big drops among women, it’s likely the recent global unrest is part of the cause.

Perhaps what we are seeing here is the awakening of the under-appreciated “Wal-Mart mom” Jacksonians. Many Americans are default Jacksonians who favor muscular use of force abroad to protect U.S. interests. But when things seem to be going reasonably well, their Jacksonianism lies dormant, and they can appear to be non-interventionists. It is only when threats pile up and the world begins to seem less safe that Americans reveal their true foreign policy colors. Mothers with younger children can, as any student of human nature will tell you, act aggressively if they feel their children’s safety is threatened.

As Mead observes, while the Democrat's phony "war on women" meme has served the party well, it would appear that the rise of ISIS, the invasion of Ukraine, and a catastrophic panoply of disease, chaos, and criminality on the southern border take precedence over free contraceptives for many women.

In other words, reality trumps bullcrap.

Sandra Fluke (pronounced: fluck) hardest hit.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

Building a New Barn

By Hardscrabble Farmer

Last night I dreamed of buildings. In the dream they were on our farm- a church, a small theater, a haunted house we had once looked at before we bought our place. I went from one to the other examining the flaws and estimating for repairs; rotten framing, new coat of paint, leaky pipes that ran inside the walls. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of me and in each building were groups of people I didn’t know, a cluster of young girls waiting to dance at a recital, college boys gathered in knots by a fire escape, old men and women in recliners on the porch watching the evening sky.

Everyone nodded at me as I made my way from job to job and at one point an old friend I haven’t seen in years asked me to help him move a fawn across a large field to the safety of the forest before someone accidentally hit it with their car. I remember clearly the mood of the dream- it was neither ethereal nor fantastic, but mundane and simple. I was required to fix what was broken, to make the repairs and work while others went about their lives doing what was expected of them. I recall my work clothes and tools, the turkey leg someone offered me to eat, the fact that nighttime was approaching and there was still so much work left undone.

When I came downstairs this morning it was not quite light but you could see the water vapor ascending from the surface of the pond like a pillar of smoke, obscuring the lower pasture in a lavender haze. I made my coffee and thought about my dream while it was fresh in my mind.

Barack Obama's Real Criteria for Success

By Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D.

Barack Obama, in his own mind, is incapable of formulating scenarios in which the United States, as a capitalist-based western democracy, succeeds.

If narcissism explains Obama's personal behavior, his relationships with others and his self-centered decision-making process, then the nexus of Marxism-Leninism, Black Nationalism and Islam defines him politically, philosophies antithetical to the survival of the Constitution and the American republic.

Frank Marshall Davis was introduced to Barack Obama by his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who was a close friend of Davis and saw him as a potential role model and father-figure for his grandson. Davis was also a US Communist Party member (number 47544) and became Obama's mentor in Hawaii during the 1970s, right up until Obama left for college at Occidental, which he attended on a scholarship, one likely reserved for foreign students. That would explain why he roomed and associated with foreign students and, incidentally, may not have registered with Selective Service.

In a PBS "Frontline" documentary called "The Choice 2012," former Obama roommate Sohale Siddiqi stated "I didn't consider him American. He seemed like an international individual."

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Image: Un-Islamic-non-State-Jr-Varsity ISIS in Jerusalem
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QOTD: "Thousands of children in swaths of war-torn Syria, now controlled by dreaded Islamic State militants, can no longer study math or social studies under new diktats issued by the jihadists.

While sports is banned, the children will not be allowed to learn about elections and democracy.

Instead, the children will be subjected to the teachings of the radical Islamist group. And any teacher who dares to break the rules "will be punished."

ISIS announced its new educational demands in fliers posted on billboards and on street poles, CNN reported. " --Times of India

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AWESOME: Obama-Holder Justice Department Doesn't Punish Known Criminal Activity in Its Ranks

By Judicial Watch

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is responsible for enforcing the law, providing federal leadership in preventing crime and punishing those guilty of illegal behavior yet it allows its own officials to get away with all sorts of appalling crimes and transgressions.

As if this weren’t bad enough, the DOJ also protects its perpetrators, covering up their name and allowing them to keep their lucrative government jobs. Even the agency watchdog, which is charged with rooting out corruption, conceals crucial information about unscrupulous DOJ officials, including those in high-ranking positions. Now a national newspaper chain offers insight into this astounding cover-up scheme with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a federal law often used by Judicial Watch to expose government corruption.

The records don’t include names, but they do reveal a “startling array” of transgressions and misconduct in which DOJ officials nevertheless escaped prosecution or firing. It’s like the fox guarding the henhouse because the DOJ is responsible for prosecuting corruption in the public sector. This includes government agencies and elected officials at most levels. The records show that dozens of DOJ officials, ranging from FBI special agents and prison wardens to high-level federal prosecutors, have faced no consequences for criminal behavior or serious misconduct.

In at least 27 cases the inspector general identified evidence of criminal wrongdoing yet no one was prosecuted, the records show. These cases have been kept secret, the news agency’s analysis found, and reveal “more than an underside to federal law enforcement.” It also proves that federal prosecutors have way too much power in deciding whether to press charges, usually choosing not to when it comes to friends and colleagues. In fact, the DOJ Inspector General expressed concern about “two standards of justice at the Department of Justice.”

BEWARE FALSE FLAG SITE "THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE": Shares an Office with Far Left American Prospect

I recently stumbled across a website that purports to represent a center-right point-of-view called The American Conservative. Initially intrigued -- considering that Americans can always use compelling conservative opinion sites -- I perused the site and quickly noticed something a bit, well, off.

No fewer than five articles on the front page alone represented attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz -- the brilliant Constitutional conservative from Texas -- and many more attacked Israel and "Islamophobia". The ludicrous crackpot Stephen M. Walt, a notorious purveyor of anti-semitism, is linked as are pseudo-conservatives like Conor Friedersdorf.

in short, I smelled a rat. Using whois, I quickly determined that the domain was owned by one Daniel McCarthy and the offices of the publication are listed as 1710 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 1200 in Washington, DC.

You'll never guess what other magazine has its headquarters in the same office?

That's right: the far left, radical Marxists at The American Prospect, a veritable cornucopia of crypto-Communism.

The American Prospect is a bimonthly American political magazine dedicated to American liberalism. Based in Washington, DC, The American Prospect is a journal 'of liberal ideas, committed to a just society, an enriched democracy, and effective liberal politics' which focuses on United States politics and public policy. Politically, the magazine is in support of modern American liberalism, similar to The New Republic and The Nation.

TAP's writers include the world's dumbest blogger -- Matty Yglesias -- as well as the world's dumbest publisher, Ezra Klein.

Put simply, TAC and TAP share an office and an ideology: a rabid hatred of the Constitution as well as America's history, traditions, culture and mores.

So when you accidentally step on Internet chewing gum like TAC, know you are viewing an apparent false-flag operation that operates like a honeypot.

I haven't provided any links, because this kind of lint isn't even worth the 0.0000000001 calories it would take to click on a link.

Visit BadBlue News instead for real, uncensored news.


R.P. Seawright passes along an interesting historical perspective regarding the stock market. Did you know that, despite the massive, QE-fueled run-up in stocks over the last six years, that we technically remain in a secular bear market?

Market crashes happen. When the next one comes along — and it surely will, perhaps today, perhaps years from now — some number of people will seem to have presciently predicted it. Many more will try to take credit for having done so. Still, since such major catastrophic events don’t happen all that often and since there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to think that any particular person will have it right, acting on such predictions is dangerous business indeed...

As the legendary investor Peter Lynch cautioned, “Far more money has been lost by investors … trying to anticipate corrections than has been lost in corrections themselves.” That’s largely because big crashes (as opposed to corrections — which are common) don’t happen all that often. The worst one-day market loss occurred on Black Monday, October 19, 1987, when the Dow lost over 22 percent of its value. The biggest one-day loss in 2008 was 7.87 percent; in 2001 it was 7.13 percent. Over longer time periods there have been four secular bear market periods (see below, from Doug Short) when peak-to-valley losses were much greater.

...Market crashes occur more frequently than major seismic events at Yellowstone, but they still aren’t nearly as common as they are commonly predicted. So the next time you see an article about Yellowstone predicting impending doom remember that calderas are busy places and the media loves its disasters. There is probably no reason to get too worked up. And the next time you see an article predicting a major market crash remember that markets are wildly busy places and the media loves its disasters there too.

It's nice to have a historical perspective, but one can't help but feel a tad troubled by the greatest money-printing exercise in world history.

Hat tip: BadBlue Money.

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QOTD: "U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced 1,600 American personnel will deploy to Iraq as part of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism plan to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

“The president of the United States has the constitutional and the statutory authority to use military force against ISIL in Syria as well as Iraq,” Hagel said. “[Our] strategy is to increase support for those fighting ISIL on the ground.”

Hagel underscored direct combat against ISIL will be conducted by a coalition of Iraqi, Kurdish, and Syrian fighters." --WFB

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WHO KNEW? Sharia Law is Compatible with the U.S. Constitution, According to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

By Sara Noble

Maxine Waters is under the impression that Shariah Law can be implemented while our U.S. Constitution is in effect. Anyone who disagrees is an Islamophobe and a hater according to her.

Last week, the Council of Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Society of Orange County welcomed Maxine Waters to a meeting along with other extremists in Congress like Congresswomen Chu and Sanchez, the California Comptroller et al where she made her comments. They would have been controversial ten years ago but in this PC age, the Constitution is controversial.

Congresswoman Waters accused Republicans of attacking the Islamic faith as a national security threat.

That’s patently untrue. It is not Islamic faith Republicans have a problem with, it is radical Islam but she conveniently left that out.

She said that fear tactics accusing Muslims of trying to spread tenets of Shariah into our government has spurred legislation to ban Shariah.

She attacked Rep. Peter King and other Republicans for his hearings on RADICAL Islam. His hearings concerned radical groups like al-Shabob but Maxine claimed it was Islam.

She said she is pushing legislation to ban any racial profiling.

If the people who are trying to kill you are radical Muslims, should you go into senior citizen complexes or Knights of Columbus halls looking for possible terrorists? Maxine’s view of racial profiling is extreme.

Maxine sees the American Constitution and Shariah as nonconflicting. However, having two sets of laws – Shariah and the U.S. justice system – is in itself a conflict.

Maxine minimized the threat of radical Islam and said the Muslim community is actively working with law enforcement.

The biggest problem with her speech is she thinks Shariah law is consistent with the U.S. Constitution. She equates any anti-Shariah law as hate.


BRILLIANT: Gov. Scott Walker's New Jobs Plan Includes Drug-Testing for Welfare Recipients

By M.D. Kittle

MADISON, Wis. — Three years ago, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. Inc. was begging for workers and struggling to hire candidates who could simply pass a drug test.

Good jobs, paying $15 to $20 per hour, going unfilled because applicants couldn’t pee in a cup without testing positive for drugs.

“That’s one of the reasons we were hesitant about expanding … ‘Can we fill up and man the expansion property to meet our customers’ requirements?’” Jim Hatt, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry president, told Wisconsin Reporter in November 2011.

Times have changed.

Hatt said things have slowed up enough so the market is attracting more qualified workers — employees who can pass drug screenings, to say the least.

While business of late has been like “running in mud” as the foundry’s clients take a wait-and-see approach, Hatt said the problem finding good employees remains a problem across the state.

“I think all kinds of businesses are struggling with people passing the drug test,” he said. “It’s not something that’s really driven by the employers, it’s driven by the insurance company.”

Gov. Scott Walker appears to be taking such concerns to heart.

The Republican governor on Sunday unveiled his jobs plan for his next term, should he survive what polls show is his dead-heat gubernatorial race against Madison Metropolitan School Board member Mary Burke, a Democrat and former commerce secretary under Walker’s predecessor, Gov. Jim Doyle.

The 62-page plan proposes more property and income tax cuts, increased tax relief for manufacturing and agriculture, and reduced barriers to business creation, according to Walker’s campaign.

But the most controversial points, at least the ones that have picked up the most attention, are the governor’s proposals to require drug testing for individuals filing for unemployment and for “able-bodied, working-age adults requesting food stamps” through the state’s FoodShare public assistance program.

OBAMATOPIA: Growth in Food Stamps Far Exceeds New Jobs in Illinois

By Investor's Business Daily

Economy In Crisis: A new study by the Illinois Policy Institute shows in the past four years, the number of new food-stamp recipients in the state has outpaced new jobs nearly 2-to-1.

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, locked in a tight re-election battle with self-made billionaire Republican Bruce Rauner, has been arguing that Illinois, arguably the bluest of blue states, has turned the fiscal corner and is on its way back.

The recovery may be slower than Quinn wants it to be — but, he says, it is real.

It is an odd recovery, though, that makes more people dependent on government through food stamps than on a paycheck.

A stunning analysis by Michael Lucci, director of jobs and growth at the Illinois Policy Institute, shows that from January 2010, when job losses in Illinois bottomed out, to July of this year, the state gained only 240,000 jobs. Over the same period, it added 420,000 food stamp recipients.

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Caption, Please: It Ain't Holy Water
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Image: Iowa’s Leftwing Anti-Hillary Voters Look to Bernie Sanders
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QOTD: "Hillary Clinton reportedly asked wealthy donors and Wall Street executives in the Hamptons how she could best discuss "income inequality" in a potential presidential campaign.

According to a report in The New York Times, Clinton "spent August in the Hamptons, a working vacation that gave her plenty of time to interact with donors," Washington lobbyists, hedge fund managers, and other one-percenters. She reportedly asked them "about how to tackle income inequality without alienating businesses or castigating the wealthy." --Tony Lee