Sunday, April 14, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: "None of This Had to Happen": Mark Levin Rips Biden "Failed Appeasement Policy"

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"None of This Had to Happen": Mark Levin Rips Biden Failed Appeasement Policy: Jeff Poor
KY GOP Strips Dem Governor of Senate Appointment Powers Amid McConnell Speculation: Brittany Sheehan
Berkeley Professor Whose Student Dinner Was Hijacked By Hamas Activists Speaks: Hot Air
The Battle Begins: Trump Trial Tests American Justice: Roger Kimball
Former Federal Prosecutor Says Bragg Took "Vindictive Action" Against Trump: DC
What Trump Had to Say About Iran's Attack on Israel: Leah Barkoukis


Billions Disappear Into Black Hole Of California Homeless Programs #GhettoGavin: BattleSwarm
No Political Movement On Earth Can Match The Hyperbole Of The Climate-Alarm Community: Blackmon
Rebranding DEI: How Colleges Are Getting Around State Bans: John Sexton

Scandal Central

The Intel Agencies of Government Are Fully Weaponized: CTH
How Taxpayers Will Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election: Ben Weingarten
It's Game Over for Election Fraud Deniers!: Emerald


AP Tries to Explain Why Noncitizen Voting is No Big Deal: Jazz Shaw
Disturbing Racial Commentary From Black Pundits in the Wake of OJ Simpson’s Death Sparks Outrag: Debra Heine
Rachel Maddow Is Filthy Rich And Morally Bankrupt: Derek Hunter
More Biden Confusion on Whether He Would Speak on Iran and Israel, but the Answer Is Typical Team Biden: Nick Arama
New York Times Writer Doesn’t See Race— When The Alleged Criminal Is Black: Eddie Scarry
Congress Calls In Head Of Advertiser Coalition For Interview On Coordinated Targeting Of Conservative Outlets : Luke Rosiak


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 • 'Major escalation': EU leaders rally against Iran's attack on Israel EuroNews


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