Friday, April 05, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrat Success -- Only 2 States in America Have a Majority of Two-Parent Households

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 • Democrat Success--Only 2 States in America Have a Majority of Two-Parent Households Terence Jeffrey
 • Biden moves to protect federal workers from Trump ‘deep state’ purge Haisten Willis
 • This Is Biden’s Reelection Pitch?!?! Issues & Insights
 • Newsom's CA: Fast Food Employee Starts Work Day Only to Find Out She's Out of a Job Bob Hoge
 • Biden delays menthol ban amid 2024 concerns over black support Haisten Willis
 • After He Dies In ICE Custody, Democrats Defend Illegal Convicted Of Murder Federalist
 • Guess That Settles It: Winken Blinken Says Ukraine 'WILL Become a Member of NATO' Beege
 • Oregon Re-Criminalizes Hard Drugs After Four Years of Decrim Disaster Granite Grok
 • Carol Stream man in U.S. illegally nearly decapitated wife in front of children: prosecutors Nic Flosi


 • The US Auto Industry's EV Bloodbath is Getting Out of Control Blackmon
 • Increased Crime Cutting Into Small-Business Earnings, Survey of Owners Finds Mary Elise Cosgray
 • Chicago Is Trapped in the Jaws of an Ideologue Mayor Jack Lucey

Scandal Central

 • Letitia James challenges Trump’s $175 million bond in fraud case Annabella Rosciglione
 • Was Deborah Birx Worse Than Fauci? This Documentary Says 'Yes' David Strom
 • Fani Willis Accused of Illegally Recording Trump Defendant’s Lawyer Epoch Times


 • ‘It wasn’t him’: Alleged witness pans Kavanaugh accuser’s new memoir reviving sex-assault claim Times
 • Trump taunts Biden with call for drug-tested debate Mabinty Quarshie
 • Keith Olbermann: 0, The Internet Telling Keith Olbermann to Shut Up: 2,735 Twitchy


 • Blinken Battin' 1000 Today: Israel Will Be 'Indistinguishable From Hamas' If It Keeps This Up Beege
 • Democrats’ outrage over aid-worker deaths is about saving Hamas, not civilians Jonathan S. Tobin
 • The Gaza War at Six Months: Israel Increasingly Isolated But Resilient Fred Fleitz


 • The Future of Transportation in Our Democracy Eric Peters
 • These Digital Kiosks Snatch Your Phone’s Data When You Walk By Maxwell Zeff
 • Did This Microsoft Engineer Just Save the Internet From State-Backed Hackers? John Sexton


 • A Child’s First Book Of Regulations Doug’s Substack
 • Join us near Nashville on April 23rd Marco Polo
 • Funderwhoop-whoop-whoop-whoopee Friday ~ AM Woodsterman

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