Saturday, April 20, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Judge Merchan Let an Anti-Trumper Activist Onto the Jury

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 • Judge Merchan Let an Anti-Trumper Activist Onto the Jury Matt Margolis
 • Obama’s Foreign Policy Fueling More Middle East Chaos David Harsanyi
 • Batshit Crazy America Kunstler
 • Democrat Mayor of San Francisco Dines With, Accepts Gifts From Chinese Operatives DC
 • Democrats Move a Bill “to Ensure Trump Is Murdered” M Dowling
 • FBI Posthumously Investigated Ashli Babbitt for Felony Rioting M Dowling
 • Patriots Day, The Battle of Lexington CTH
 • San Fran Sanity - Bridge Protestors Might Catch 'False Imprisonment' Charges? Beege
 • The illiberal crusade to defend antisemitic mobs JNS


 • Obama Biden Freezes 13 Million Acres of Alaskan Petroleum Land From Exploration Breitbart
 • “Amazing Tale”: How Three Billionaires Plunged the World into Climate Catastrophism Daily Sceptic
 • Housing Costs Are Crushing The American Middle Class, But How Can We Fix The Problem? ZH

Scandal Central

 • Irony: Congress Passes FISA-702 Extension, Allowing Warrantless Spying on Americans, On Patriots Day 2024 CTH
 • Democrats Just Blew Off Impeachment Of Alejandro Mayorkas, And Republicans Will Do Nothing About It Federalist
 • Dark Money Group Backed By Foreign Billionaire Has Dumped $100 Million Into State Ballot Initiatives Federalist


 • Did The Washington Post Take Orders from Obama to Go After a Twitter Account Exposing Antisemitism? Matt Vespa
 • It's Not Hard to See Why NPR's New CEO Dodged This Simple Question About the Network Matt Vespa
 • Now He's Done It - New Guinea Natives Pretty Mad at the King of Cooked Up Cannibal Crap Beege


 • Iran's Failed Strategy and Israel's Window of Opportunity Gregg Roman
 • Does China Control America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves? Armstrong
 • Explosion reported at Shiite military base in Iraq's Babylon province EuroNews


 • Has No One Noticed Free Speech Foe Katherine Maher Chairs Board of 'Free Speech' Signal Foundation? Beege
 • Uncle Joe Biden Just Erased Women, Men Are Next M Dowling
 • Aspiring Maryland Trans Shooter Thwarted Jazz Shaw


 • The oldest known colonial combatant - Samuel Whittemore Jr. Feral Irishman
 • Highlights of the week Don Surber
 • Friday Funnies: DON'T Robert W Malone


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