Sunday, April 21, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats Wave Ukraine Flags in Victory as Another $61 Billion Spending Bill Passes

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 • Democrats Wave Ukraine Flags in Victory as Another $61 Billion Spending Bill Passes CTH
 • Trump’s Jury Trial Will Be As ‘Fair’ As The Russia Hoax And 2020 Election Federalist
 • Biden Weaponizes the Federal Government for His Own Reelection Campaign Jeff Reynolds
 • Obama Biden’s ‘starvation politics’ help with his base JNS
 • Chicago is the DNC’s Kind of Town? Clarice Feldman
 • A Coup Without Firing a Shot Brownstone
 • Yes, They Want Him Dead: Dem. Rep. Introduces Bill to Allow Killing Trump Robert Spencer
 • Migrants Complain That New Yorkers Don’t Learn African Languages Steve Watson
 • Is It a Crime To Be Openly Jewish? Power Line


 • House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan - But Not US Border ZH
 • Socialism’s Survival: The Endurance of an Ideological Paradox Roger Kimball
 • Tesla In Turmoil: The EV Meltdown In 10 Charts Robert Bryce

Scandal Central

 • 'The Most Secure Election in American History' John Eastman
 • Josh Hawley Rips Mayorkas Power Line
 • Quit haranguing Speaker Johnson Victoria White Berger


 • Why Trump Might Win Power Line
 • Bill Maher Calls Out Hollywood Pedophilia And The Gay Agenda In Schools ZH
 • Alan Dershowitz reveals why Trump has drawn 'a bad jury' for his New York hush money trial Daily Mail


 • Iranian Regional Strategy Moves Forward While the West Sleeps Jonathan Spyer
 • US reportedly intends to sanction not Hamas or the PLO - but an IDF unit JNS
 • Israel Under Attack – U.S. Administration Abandoning Its Ally? Majid Rafizadeh


 • Flouting Congressional Will, the Biden Administration Rescinds Women’s Rights Eileen J. O'Connor
 • Your Smartphone and the Mafia Eric Peters Autos
 • China begins building underwater data center with performance equal to 6 million PCs Tom’s Hardware


 • Voices For a Return to God Anthony J. DeBlasi
 • Some Old Maps Of A Few New England States.... A Rabbit Hole If you Chose Feral Irishman
 • The Week in Pictures: Uncle Bosey Edition Power Line

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