Thursday, April 25, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Report: Lawfare Coup Plotters Meet Weekly to Discuss Best Ways to Target Trump

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 • Report: Lawfare Coup Plotters Meet Weekly to Discuss Best Ways to Target Trump CTH
 • Groupthink Chorus Emerges at Trump Trial Byron York
 • Judge Cannon Unseals Trump Motion Exposing DOJ Fraudulent Case Against Him CTH
 • NATO revived Russia Don Surber
 • Biden Reads ‘Pause’ Out Loud Off Teleprompter After ‘Four More Years’ Phrase DC
 • Should Donald Trump refuse to participate in his show trial in Manhattan? Berenson
 • The Left in a Nutshell David Strom
 • It is simple: Conservatives don’t have the votes Robert Zimmerman
 • Disband the Republican Party TL Davis


 • The Climate-Alarmist Movement Has A Big PR Problem On Its Hands Blackmon
 • A New Elitist Craze: Fixing the Public's "Perception of the Economy" Matt Taibbi
 • Twisted Monuments For A New America Emerald

Scandal Central

 • Anyone Keeping Track of Why Hamasholes on Campuses? Some Students Seem Confused Beege
 • Former Obama Official: Colleges Must 'Allow Space' for Jew-Killing Rallies NewsBusters
 • USC: Protesters Scuffle with Police, Campus Closed John Sexton


 • Goldberg should have listened to Trump Don Surber
 • It's Going to Take Some Serious Fraud to Help Biden Win David Strom
 • NPR Struggles Despite Its Commitment to the 'North Star' of DEI John Sexton


 • Iran’s Nightmares Victor Davis Hanson
 • American-Israeli hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin is seen alive in apparently recent video released by Hamas JTA
 • US secretly sent long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine EuroNews


 • EV News More #Sadz Than Happy Beege
 • Labour MP Admits to Misleading Parliament About the Cass Review (You'll Never Guess Where It Started) John Sexton
 • Anti-Israel protests surge on US campuses with Columbia taking lead JNS


 • Presented Without Comment Diogenes
 • Papua New Guinea leader takes offense after Biden implies his uncle was eaten by cannibals AP
 • This Will Give You A Chuckle With Your Covfefe… Feral Irishman


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President Trump Pays Surprise Visit To Union Construction Workers In NYC Before Trial Hearing

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