Saturday, April 06, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Vectoring Dangerously

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 • Vectoring Dangerously Kunstler
 • We’re At War T.L. Davis
 • Vance: Inviting Ukraine to Join NATO is to ‘Invite Our Nation into War’ AG
 • Former Agent: FBI Taught Agents Pro-Lifers Are More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists Federalist
 • Biden’s plan to save the ‘deep state’ Spectator
 • California Governor Gavin Newsom Announces AI-Powered Surveillance Rollout Didi Rankovic
 • Fani Willis Told To Recuse Herself From Trump Case Or Face Jail James Bickerton
 • Aileen Cannon: Portrait of a Judge in the Fractured Double Reality of American Justice Julie Kelly
 • Honest Question for Trump-Averse Republicans: How Bad Do Things Have to Get? Stephen Kruiser


 • Behind Today's Stellar Jobs Print: It Was Literally ALL Part-Time Jobs (And Illegals) ZH
 • Waste of the Day: Feds Paid $1.3 Billion To Dead People Last Year RCI
 • The 2024 election is between a dangerous madman and Donald Trump... Peachy Keenan

Scandal Central

 • Judge Thrashes DOJ for Ignoring House Subpoenas Even as Peter Navarro Sits in Prison For Doing So Bob Hoge
 • Shocking Email Exchange Reveals the Woke Priorities of Athens County After Laken Riley's Murder Chris Queen
 • Why is DOJ Slow-Walking the Case Against a Would-Be Trans Assassin? Jazz Shaw


 • Sage Reveals the Script Power Line
 • The Book 'White Rural Rage' Gets the Research Wrong John Sexton
 • Hoge's Heroes: Former High School Wrestler Absolutely Levels Subway Customer Assaulting Employee Bob Hoge


 • Blinken Pushing Ukraine into NATO to Start WWIII Armstrong
 • US Forces on High Alert, Preparing for 'Significant' Attack in Middle East by Iran on US, Israeli Assets Ward Clark
 • Waste of the Day: Unknown Amount of U.S. Aid to Afghanistan Went to Taliban Adam Andrzejewski


 • Federal Judge Hits CDC Over Withholding Data on Adverse Vaccine Reports Turley
 • I'm Starting to Think the 'Smart' in 'Smart Meter' Is About How Utilities and the Cult Can Screw You Over Beege
 • The Techno-Optimist Manifesto Marc Andreessen


 • These hilarious reactions to the New York earthquake are too gay to function Henry Giardina
 • The Week in Pictures: Earthquake Edition Power Line
 • Friday Funnies: Hod Roddin' Robert W Malone

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