Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Minneapolis Disaster has Democrat Fingerprints All Over It

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Gray Trump-Pence Hoodie
The Minneapolis Disaster has Democrat Fingerprints All Over It: Daniel Greenfield
New Flynn Transcripts Confirm Mueller Team Lied To The Court: Margot Cleveland
The collapse of the rule of law across the country: Heather Mac Donald

No Evidence White Supremacists Involved In Protests, Left-Wing SPLC Says: Chris White
Two New York Attorneys Arrested For Throwing Molotov Cocktail At Police: Jonathan Turley
Anger sweeping across America does not necessarily mean votes against Trump: ST

Sky News Australia: “Of Course Antifa Is Behind The Violence!”: BattleSwarm
The economics of America’s civil unrest: Spengler
Hard-core agents provocateurs infiltrate US protests: Christina Lin

President Trump Walks to St. Johns Church: CTH
Democrats’ Chickens Come Home to Roost: Derek Hunter
Kosher stores, synagogues, vandalized and looted in LA protests: JPost


California Tried to Bail Out Illegal Aliens - and It’s a Disaster: Daniel Greenfield
Coronavirus sparks 'insane' evacuation from NYC, movers say, as residents head south: Brittany De Lea
Justice! Chanel, Apple, Rolex, Other Other High-End Stores Looted In New York’s SoHo: Forbes

Scandal Central

Judge Sullivan Delivers Response in Flynn Case and It’s Something: RS
Flynn’s Attorney, Sidney Powell, Responds to Latest Brief by Judge Emmet Sullivan: CTH
U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco Responds to DC District Court – Refutes Sullivan Arguments: CTH

What is Chistopher Wray’s FBI doing to track down the brick deliveries in Antifa hotspots?: RS
Antifa’s Most Important Enabler Is Its Legal Arm, the Pro-Communist National Lawyers Guild: Bradley Betters
Hollywood Celebrities Pay To Continue National Riots and Violence – “Match” Funds: CTH


Kayleigh McEnany Nukes USA Today Journo’s Talking Point That Trump’s Been ‘Hiding’: Sister Toldjah
Rep. Rashida Tlaib promotes ‘Defund Police’ petition: BPR
MSNBC Host Yamiche Alcindor Attacks Trump, Hits Self in Spectacular Self-Own: Stephen Green

Hollywood Celebrities Pay To Continue National Riots and Violence – “Match” Funds: CTH
Bronx streets turn chaotic as looters run wild: ‘Fordham is on fire’: Lee Brown
I Don’t Think They Anticipated This: SDA


China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO: THT
India's war against the coronavirus pandemic: JPost
Turkey: Where Criticizing Islam Can Land You in Prison: Uzay Bulut

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Science Says: Norman Doidge
How to Solve a Hard Problem (In Your Sleep): Mark Travers
TSA checkpoint travel numbers for 2020 and 2019: TSA


Santa Monica the Morning After the Riots: Joel B. Pollak
May We Be Forever Young: MOTUS
Fee ‘Fa’ Foes Fum: ‘Antifa’ Is a Sub-Nazi Organization: Lloyd Billingsley



Whitehall said...

Yea, so what has the FBI been doing for the last 10 years? These Antifa people have been rioting for years all across the country, even during Trump's inauguration.

All this nonsense about Russia and they can't even SEE the homegrown terrorists on our own streets.

Just another reason for Wray to step down.

Tim said...

I would say fuk the fbi, but they might set me for a crime, because investigation is not in their vocabulary. Oh screw it, fuk the fbi.

Anonymous said...

Fun to watch the Christian Taliban pummel DJT holding a Bible.
Not so much fun to see adults bow and grovel to the Party of dRATS and the BLM.
The 80 page Variance Application to liberate a County from Covid Rules according to His Anus Jay Inslee is underway, so I went and made sure I got a haircut while it was Forbidden.
The Libs decry gun owners showing up to protect their stuff as if broken glass and physical injury cleanses their souls. It's enough almost, to wish they would receive more of it.