Thursday, June 11, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: “Joe Biden” is simply an avatar for Obama’s third term

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Vintage MAGA Adjustable Baseball Cap
“Joe Biden” is simply an avatar for Obama’s third term: Lee Smith
To Win the Cold Civil War, Seek Peace through Strength: Jeremy Carl
The Media Suppresses Anyone Who Thinks Like You: Kurt Schlichter

Antifa mob planning to take over more Seattle neighbourhoods: Ari Hoffman
Seattle terrorists issue insane demands, they’re armed, & extorting businesses: M. Dowling
Two Cities Dismantled Their Police Departments. Here's What Happened Next: Bryan Preston

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Clueless on Seattle Takeover: 'News to Me!': Joel B. Pollak
Trump to Inslee Amid Seattle Antifa Revolt: 'Take Back Your City... If You Don't, I Will.': PJM
Democratic candidate Kim Olson: ‘If people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground’: Emily Larsen

Why do younger black voters like Trump more than elders? UCLA study explains: JTN
Grenell on Point – The DC Structure Will Never ‘Willingly’ Accept a People’s President: CTH
Kamala Harris overshadowed in her bid to be Joe Biden veep pick: Naomi Lim


U.S. Main Street Economic Indicators Remain Strong – Mortgage Demand Up 13% From Prior Year: CTH
Federal Reserve sees interest rate target near zero through 2022: Jay Heflin
Sen. Barrasso: Democrats Are Rooting Against Our Economy, Don’t Want States To Reopen: Sara Carter

Way Too Tight: The Money Illusion
May Jobs Report Shows Why More Government Isn’t the Answer for Economic Recovery: Adam Michel
FT: Seven Major US Public Pensions To Run Out Of Money By 2028: BuryPensions

Scandal Central

The Highly Anticipated Brief From Judge Gleeson on the Flynn Case — Mueller Report Redux: RS
Michael Flynn team and DOJ clash with federal judge, asking appeals court to dismiss case: Jerry Dunleavy
The Second Act of the Flynn Case Has Begun...and It's a Total Circus: Matt Vespa

Barr: Durham Investigating ‘Some’ Familiar Names, Findings ‘Very Troubling’: Jennie Taer
House Intel Relied on Sources Besides CrowdStrike to Conclude Russians Stole DNC Emails, Source Says: Epoch
Armed People at Seattle Autonomous Zone Checking IDs, Extorting Businesses: Police: Epoch


McConnell rips New York Times over handling of Cotton op-ed: Jordain Carney
Tucker Carlson leaves the Daily Caller, selling his stake in the company: JTN
White House Tells Bolton His Book Still Contains Classified Information: MSN

The Emperor's New Mask: Daniel Greenfield
NASCAR Removes Rule Mandating Team Members Must Stand During National Anthem: Katie Jerkovich
Selectively Erasing History Potentially Erases All History, Even The Good Stuff: RS


China Will Regret Playing Politics with the U.S. Racial Protests: Con Coughlin
Chinada: SDA
'Children and women were not spared': Boko Haram kills at least 81 in hours long attack on Nigerian village: Examiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Russia rolls out first approved COVID-19 drug as infections pass 500,000: THT
Twitter test asks if you want to read an article before retweeting it: Alexandra Garrett
Whale Moves $1.3 Billion in Bitcoin… The Question Is Why?: Turner Wright


Short, Sweet, Orwellian: MOTUS
The New Police: Earl of Taint
Koresh & Sovereign Citizens movements are okay, now?: Sondrakistan


Anonymous said...

Clearly, Inslee and Durkin are drunk on power and have lost reason, and respect.
The comment has been made a number of times that it is now up to the People to step up and get rid of their Occupiers.

Anonymous said...

The State Patrol services for the Governor and Mayor must stand down, they are protecting a Governor and Mayor who are committing crimes.
And after visiting the Crapitol Hill perimeter I can say that the action of street lice displaying weapons for enforcement are actions that would normally get people arrested. This is a chilling, lawless message.

Anonymous said...

Why are these people wearing loincloths around their necks?

Anonymous said...