Sunday, June 14, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Racist Police Violence Reconsidered

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Vintage MAGA Adjustable Baseball Cap
Racist Police Violence Reconsidered: John McWhorter
The Left Goes from 'Orange Man Bad' to 'White Man Bad'—and It Will Backfire: Mark Ellis
Truth: Democrats Feed Racism to Control Our Black Community: PJM

Black Lives Matter protesters say Seattle’s autonomous zone has hijacked message: Fox
3 indicted for throwing firebombs at NYPD vehicles, face life in prison: Vincent Barone
Cuomo to deny funding for police that don't pass race reforms: Anthony Leonardi

The Left's War on Police Is a War on Black People: John Nolte
Going Down: Uncle Sam Just Started Delivering Payback for Terror Riots: Victoria Taft
Antifa & BLM are the Orchestra and Democrat Politicians are the Conductors: SDA

Diana West Discusses Ideological Pentagon -VS- A Pragmatic Commander in Chief: CTH
Atlanta’s out of control after police shooting of a black man: M. Dowling
For Flag Day, let's live up to our republic's values: Rep. Brad Wenstrup


Truck Drivers Say They Won’t Deliver To Cities with Defunded Police Departments: Summer Smith
California Will Use Diesel This Summer to Help Keep Lights On: Charles Rotter
Enough subsidies for electric vehicles: Examiner

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton lost her appeal, order stands to testify on private server and Benghazi emails: Veronika Kyrylenko
Here’s Why Lindsey Graham’s Trump-Russia Corruption Investigation Is a Joke: RS
GOP congressman calls for DOJ investigation after church is fined for holding service during lockdown: Examiner


A Fantasy With a Predictable Ending: John Hinderaker
Journalists -> Activists -> Irrelevance: SDA
Cancel yourselves, you lousy twits: Scott Johnson

Robert Heinlein on our current crisis: Cube
Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute out at ‘Vanderpump Rules’ for racist actions: Laruen Ramesbottom
Judge To Smollett: Great News — You Can Still Be Prosecuted For Hoax: Ed Morrissey


‘Snapback’ Time On Iran Sanctions Is Already Here: Benny Avni
US naval buildup in Indo-Pacific seen as warning to China: InMilitary
Venezuelans outraged by slaughter of beloved racehorse for food: Melanie Gray

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Social media robber barons are trying to throw the election to Biden: BPR
House wants four 'big tech' CEOs to testify in competition probe: Engadget
ISIS Smashes Priceless, Ancient Statues in Iraq: A.R. Williams (2015)


N.J. man’s attic yields treasure trove of signed vintage baseball cards potentially worth millions: NJ
Interesting, Isn’t It?: Feral Irishman
Skin in the Game: Springer’s Blog



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RE - "Hillary has lost her appeal..."

I think that train left the station a LONG time ago...

But, seriously: Hillary has dirt on Hillary and must testify against herself.

It just occurred to me that we may be about to find out just how robust Arkanicide really is.

You read it here first.