Saturday, June 13, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Exploited Again – Financial Contributions to Black Lives Matter Funneled to China Joe Biden

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Vintage MAGA Adjustable Baseball Cap
Financial Contributions to Black Lives Matter Funneled to China Joe Biden: CTH
Free Citizens Do Not Kneel: Bruce Thornton
Silence is Violence: The Quest for Totalitarian Democracy: Abraham H. Miller

We're Not Buying Joe Biden’s ‘Tough on China’ Act: Ken Blackwell
Biden's secret left-wing brain trust: GOP
Did President Trump Just Announce His Black Agenda?: Jeff Charles

Urooj Rahman: Molotov-Lobbing Attorney: IPT
Seattle May Take Back CHAZ Occupied Zone, Mayor Jenny Now Worried About Safety: CTH
Minneapolis “Community Safety System” to Replace Disbanded Police Force: CTH

'Experts' Trying to Rehash COVID Panic Can Go Straight to Hell: Matt Vespa
President Trump Extensive Interview Discussing State of U.S. Law Enforcement: CTH
Pelosi calls for removing racist Democrat statues from the Capitol: JTN


White House Adviser Kevin Hassett Discusses Growth Estimates and Red State/Blue State Divide: CTH
These cities have the highest unfunded pension liabilities: ValueWalk
$557M Pension Loss A Warning To Congress, Teamsters Say: Kevin Stawicki

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes Discusses FBI Top Lawyer Dana Boente as “a Witness to FBI Corruption”: CTH
Understanding Likelihood of DC Circuit Denying Petition for Writ of Mandamus: CTH
Trump and Barr Fooled Them All: Brian Cates


NY Times op-ed clears up 'Defund the police' confusion: 'Yes, we mean literally abolish the police': Fox
Why Americans Must Stand Up to the Left’s Power Grab: Mike Gonzalez
The Trans Teen Revolution: Tony Perkins

The Hodge Twins: Black Lives Matter is a Leftist Lie!: Ace
Campus War on Free Speech Reaches US Newsrooms: Mark Hemingwa
CNN "Reporter:" Folks in Breakaway Nation of Razistan Sure Are Peaceful. Apart From The Armed Brigands: Ace


Beijing district in ‘wartime emergency’ after virus spike shuts market: THT
How Huawei can work around US chip ban: David P. Goldman
China Takes Over Hong Kong: EU Shrugs: Giulio Meotti

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Moderna Set to Begin Its Final Phase of Trials for Its Covid Vaccine, Beginning in July: Ace
Engineers found guilty of stealing Micron secrets for China: ST
Wuhan Flu: SDA


You’ve Come a Long Way, Babies: MOTUS
Removing a U.S. President Without an Election: Paul Ryder
Racial Arsoninsts: Diogenes


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