Thursday, June 04, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Soros-Backed Radical Missouri A.G. Kim Gardner Releases Every Rioter and Looter Arrested in STL

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Soros-Backed Radical MO A.G. Gardner Releases Every Rioter and Looter Arrested: Ace
Bail reform laws let looters back on streets within hours, threatening public security: Fox
Democrats Are Using Antifa to Foment Revolution: William L. Gensert

President Trump Interview Discussing George Floyd Killing and National Reaction: CTH
Authorities Just Released George Floyd’s Complete Autopsy Report: Aaron Keller
The ‘Institutional Racism’ Canard: Andrew C. McCarthy

Cruz Torches Rosenstein on Mueller Probe: Either Corrupt Or Incompetent: Madeline Osburn
Cruz: What Obama Admin. Did Makes Everything Nixon Did Pale in Comparison: Melanie Arter
Dear Ilhan Omar: What Real ‘Racism’ and Police 'Terrorization' Look Like: Raymond Ibrahim

Liberal Governors and Mayors Mugged by Reality in George Floyd Fallout: John Kass
Together Again: Obama and Family Attorney Ben Crump Plan Biden Campaign Events: CTH
Ex-Obama Intel Official Helps Bail Out Molotov Cocktail-Throwing NYC Lawyer: Brent Scher


House will vote on bill to study reparations for descendants of slaves, CBC chair predicts: Nicholas Ballasy
Far Better Than Expected – ADP Payroll Report For May Suggests Job Cuts Ending: CTH
Markets clawing back much of pandemic losses: Cassidy Morrison

Scandal Central

Massachusetts Democrat A.G.: ‘America Is Burning. But That’s How Forests Grow’: Henry Rodgers
Retired St. Louis Police Officer Assassinated Live on FaceBook By Mostly Peaceful Protesters: Ace
‘No Longer Secretary Clinton’s State Dept.’: Judges Wary of Her Deposition Over Emails: Jacqueline Thomsen

Rosenstein says McCabe was 'not fully candid' about Comey's memos: Jerry Dunleavy
Cruz To Rosenstein: Crossfire Hurricane Makes Watergate Pale In Comparison: Ed Morrissey
Dem Senator Pretty Much Made the Trump White House's Case in Rosenstein Hearing: Matt Vespa


Hitler-Publishing New York Times Staffers Revolt Over Tom Cotton’s ‘Send in the Troops’ Column: Maxwell Tani
After Lying About Tear Gas, Media Now Pretending Tear Gas And Pepper Spray Are Identical: Mollie Hemingway
Is Counterfeit Money The Motive Behind Gangland's George Floyd Arson And Looting Riots?: Yoichi Shimatsu


At least 10,000 people died in Tiananmen Square massacre, secret British cable from the time alleged: Adam Lusher
Hong Kong Passes Law Criminalizing Insults to Chinese Anthem: WSJ
Iran's New Terror Network in Latin America: Con Coughlin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Widely Publicized Hydroxychloroquine Study Appears To Be Based On Bogus Data: John Sexton
Twitter clarified its “focus is on providing context, not fact-checking”: Just The News
Twitter says its "focus is on providing context, not fact-checking": Alex Nitzberg


Mysterious stacks of bricks at riot sites: a closer look: Cube
Weaponized Wednesday: MOTUS
Which one is the lying rat?: Earl of Taint


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