Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Now What?

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Vintage MAGA Adjustable Baseball Cap
Now What?: Walter E. Williams
Defund the police? How many sharks can the Democrats jump?: Bill Dunne
Trump’s Executive Order on Policing Brings Good News in Troubled Times: John G. Malcolm

Our Totalitarian Moment: Ben Shapiro
Anarchy in Downtown Seattle Not a ‘Festive Zone’: Jarrett Stepman
Where is the Republican pushback?: Dex Bahr

‘Very Compassionate’: Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Describes Visit With Trump: Scott Morefield
Bret Baier Presses James Clyburn On Trump’s Role In Key Reforms: Scott Morefield
Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection: Politiho


Battleground voters, 2-1, back immigration pause to help unemployed Americans: Paul Bedard
Republicans prepare for energy ‘cold war’ with China: Abby Smith
Retail Sales Jump 17.7% in May as Economy Reopens – Largest Increase in History: CTH

Scandal Central

NBC Report Implicates Google in Antitrust Activity: CTH
The Tyranny in the Left’s Goal of Outlawing ‘Hate Speech’: Rachel del Guidice
On Vote-By-Mail: J. Christian Adams


Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge: ZH
‘Obey Google': Tucker Carlson blasts tech giant's power over media: Mica Soellner
Progressive Mayor Who Backs BLM Gets Home Vandalized During Riots, Calls It ‘Domestic Terrorism’: Ashe Schow

NY Post Wrecks Liberal Hypocrisy Over Coronavirus Now That George Floyd Riots Have Subsided: Matt Vespa
DOJ Sues Former NSA John Bolton Over Book Release: CTH
Kente Cloth Worn By Democrats ‘Historically Worn’ By African Slave Traders, Fact Checker Says: Ryan Saavedra


Deciphering Bidenese: Daniel Pipes
North Korea rejects South Korean offer to send envoys, further escalating tensions: Zachary Halaschak
India paying price for Modi’s myopic China strategy: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Warning for Seniors; Aging in Place is an Illusion: Arbor Co.
Air conditioning eyed as culprit in warm-weather-state coronavirus transmission: David Hogberg
Hiding COVID-19's Origins: Betsy McCaughey


“That’s a Storybook, Man!”: MOTUS
News Flasher: Stilton’s Place
Government Sachs: Michael Lind


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