Monday, June 22, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Importance Of Fathers

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Vintage MAGA Adjustable Baseball Cap
The Importance Of Fathers: Kingsley Cortes
What Does Black America Want?: Candace Owens
Truth, Justice and the American Way: Robert Zimmerman

The Elites Are Revolting: Kurt Schlichter
BidenWatch for June 22, 2020: BattleSwarm
Black Fathers Matter: Katie Kieffer

'Dirty Tricks' Sabotage Trump Tulsa Rally: Rick Moran
Woman whose TikTok video led to fake sign-ups: This wasn't just a prank: Haley Victory Smith
Trump campaign refutes AOC boast that teens sabotaged president’s rally: Alex Nitzberg

After killing in occupied Seattle, police union chief pleads for leadership: JTN
Minneapolis Shooting Leaves 11 Injured and One Dead: Beth Baumann
‘Blue Flu’ as Atlanta Police Walk Out. Will Other Pushbacks Follow?: Shireen Qudosi

deBlasio and Cuomo, Failures Separated at Birth

NYC Disbanded Its Anti-Crime Unit. Guess What Happened Next: Jazz Shaw
Defund the Police: 17 Shot in NY in 12 Hours: Daniel Greenfield
The City They Voted For: SDA


How the Pandemic Should Make Us Rethink College Financial Aid: Manhattan Institute
Job Killer AOC Has a Real Challenger in Tuesday’s Primary: John Fund
When times are good, charitable giving goes up: Examiner

Scandal Central

2010 Arab Spring Common Connections to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement: CTH
George Soros: Conspiracy theories about funding protesters are a distraction: Examiner
New York’s SAFE Act Useless As Shootings Spike Across State: Cam Edwards

Sunday Talks: AG Bill Barr Lengthy Interview With Maria Bartiromo: COVID-19 Stopped Durham Probe: CTH
AG Barr says 'developments' in Durham investigation may arrive before end of summer: JTN


#CancelYale trending on Twitter nationwide: Tara O’Neill
Democrat AOC, CNN’s Brian Stelter Gloat About China ‘TikTok’ App DisInfo Campaign Against Trump Rally: Pulse
Jerry Nadler: 'We're not interested in Bolton's testimony': Madison Dibble


‘Sharp-weapon wounds, multiple fractures in Galwan dead’: Indian Express
‘A real rampage’: Rioters attack police and smash shops in Stuttgart, Germany: RT
Three Dead in Terrorist Stabbing Attack By Libyan Man in a Park Near London: Rick Moran

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How awesome is the human brain?: Ahmed Elbokl
COVID-19 Can Cause Loss of Smell, And Scientists Finally Discovered Why: Science Alert
Almost a fifth of Earth's ocean floor has been mapped: Jon Fingas


Democrats Clarify That Black Lives Will Only Matter Until November: Bee
Calvin, Hobbes and Victor Davis Hanson on Good and Evil: MOTUS
19 Black Americans Explain Why They’re Conservative: Christian Mysliwiec



Tim said...

Wonder how much money was skimmed in this scam. Sending them to nursing homes means Uncle Sam paid the nursing handsomely.

commoncents said...

VIDEO - SNL Celebrates Father’s Day