Friday, June 05, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Warning for America: Democrats in Minneapolis May Disband Entire Police Force

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Warning for America: Democrats in Minneapolis May Disband Entire Police Force: CTH
Nearly all DC rioters freed from jail and avoided felony riot charges: John Binder
Feds: ‘Very Organized Coordination’ in Riots from ‘Professional Agitators’ With Antifa: RS

Pelosi Suffers Biden-Like, 10-Second Mental Lapse On-Camera: Craig Bannister
Comrade Whitmer Suspends COVID-19 Virus Mitigation To Facilitate Crowd Marching: CTH
As Rioters Destroy New York, Cops Kick Jewish Families Out of a Playground: Tyler O’Neil

Barr: foreign actors trying to 'exacerbate violence' at George Floyd protests: Jerry Dunleavy
George Floyd, Derek Chauvin worked at same club, owner says: cBS
Devin Nunes Discusses Rosenstein Testimony and Homeland Security Investigation: CTH

Ellison’s upgraded charges for Floyd Killing Are Designed to Fail: NRO
Keith Ellison's George Floyd charges could ignite Minnesota 'tinderbox' if they fail: Naomi Lim
Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes: R.S. McCain


Shock report: Unemployment rate drops to 13.3% as economy gained 2.5M jobs in May: Jay Heflin
65 businesses in Minneapolis destroyed completely in the 2020 Riots: Star-Flabune
NYU Business Professor: Covid Has Begun a Long-Overdue Collapse of the American Education System: Ace

Scandal Central

The FBI’s Investigation Into Trump and Russia Now Looks Even Worse: Eli Lake
Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Democrats give DOJ liars and conspirators a free pass: Sen. Marsha Blackburn
Jim Jordan Discusses Rosenstein Testimony: “Rod Rosenstein Was Afraid”: CTH

Mark Levin Calls BS on Mad Dog Mattis: News Talk 870
Democrat Senate candidate John Hickenlooper held in contempt for refusing to comply with subpoena: Denver Post
GOP's Mike Lee blasts claim of DC plan to evict National Guard troops from city hotels: Fox


During Time of Racial Outrage, Here Are Some Deeply Uncomfortable Facts for the Press and Ben & Jerry: RS
A dark day for freedom of expression: Byron York
Most of This Turmoil Has Been Based on a Lie: Mike Ford

The Imploding New York Times: Instapundit
NYT Columnist on Tom Cotton Op-Ed Fallout: Civil War Has Broken Out at the Publication: Matt Vespa
The Words That Soooooo Offended Leftists: SDA


The Tiananmen Square Massacre: From China's Authoritarian Roots to the Iconic "Tank Man": Jose Nino
Investigation into WHO deference to China strengthens as Europeans back quest for answers: Joel Gehrke
Australian Federal Police bust huge child sex abuse ring:

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ex-MI6 boss says coronavirus likely engineered in Wuhan lab: Frank Miles
Lancet Retracts Medical Study Critical of Hydroxychloroquine; Results Were Designed for Political Purposes: CTH
US military crushed the COVID-19 curve: Jamie McIntyre


Keep Comedy and Carry On: Stilton’s Place
Believing Experts: Dilbert
Pondering the Imponderable: Open Thread: MOTUS

QOTD: Reasons to vote Democrat:


Anonymous said...

I am so glad our Minders have required the wearing of masks during sex, it's the only way my wife will have sex with me.

commoncents said...

BOOM! President Trump at 40% Approval with Black Voters! 50% Overall