Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Terry McAuliffe Dem Strategy: Keep Biden “Locked in Basement”, Let Media and Big Tech Run Outreach

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Vintage MAGA Adjustable Baseball Cap
Terry McAuliffe: Keep Biden “Locked in Basement”; Media, Big Tech Run Point: CTH
Judges Free Over 230 Illegal Aliens in May, Including Rapists, Murderers: John Binder
Former NYC police commissioner talks about communism in the USA: M. Dowling

The Floyd Finale – The Biden/Clyburn Push To Capitalize on Last Floyd Funeral: CTH
Shelby Steele decries black victimhood response to Floyd death: Mica Soellner
Dr. Shelby Steele: Combination of White Guilt and Victim Mentality is Not a Solution: CTH

Terry McAuliffe tells Democrats that Biden is 'fine in the basement': Zachary Halaschak
NYPD union boss slams Democrats, media for treating officers like 'thugs': Examiner
President Trump Notes Odd Behavior of Antique Commie Protester: CTH


Remarkable Hubris – Chicago Mayor Asks Looted Businesses Not to Abandon The City: CTH
LAPD Slams City Council Over Private Security Details Amid Budget Cut: Natalie Brunell
Chicago Aldermen React with Panic, Sorrow to Unrest: WTTW

Scandal Central

AG Bill Barr: “For the First Time... Investigations Were Used to Spy on a Political Campaign”: CTH
Will Obamagate End With Prosecutions? It Should: I&I
Part 2 Of My Review Of The DOJ Brief And Preview of Flynn Case Oral Argument: RS

Harvard Professor Indicted For Lying To Feds About Ties To Wuhan University in China: Breaking911
Project Veritas Goes Inside Antifa: BattleSwarm
Because White People Are Bad: Taki’s Mag


Two Americas: Are You On Team Red Or Team Blue?: Bill Whittle
Youtube deletes Brad Johnson interview where he exposes ANTIFA with their own words and video: Vlad Tepes
Don Jr. to Democrats supporting ‘defund the police’ movement: Ditch your security first: TPI

Biden Campaign Director, James Clyburn: There Was No Violence, Looting, Riots, Arson or Police Attacks in DC: CTH
Former Coworker at Nightclub Where George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Worked Security: ‘They Bumped Heads’: RS
Absolute Mayhem: Cornel West Goes Berserk on Fox News' Hannity: Matt Vespa


Baltic nations brace for US troop withdrawal as Russia waits and watches: Abraham Mahshie
Iran appears to construct mock aircraft carrier complete with fake fighter jets: Zachary Halaschak
US aircraft intercept Russian nuclear-capable bombers near Alaska: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NASA endorsement allows SpaceX to shift focus to Starship: BTB
Amazing AI Generates Entire Bodies of People Who Don’t Exist: Dan Robitzski
This tiny, tropical national park has a curious history: NatGeo


Disbanding the Task Force: Dilbert
Whirled Health Organization: Stilton’s Place
On the Road Again: MOTUS

QOTD: “Every broadcast and cable news outlet is pushing the Biden/Clyburn script now. Biden did not travel to Houston to meet the family and record the [carefully scripted and edited] video. The video was recorded from the Biden/Clyburn studio several days ago while the three-state Floyd funeral tour was ongoing.

It appears that Biden remains a very tenuous candidate with limited abilities to function when not under the strongest of controls. As a consequence everything around Biden has to be carefully scripted for optics and to retain the viable candidate narrative. It should be stunning how much the media is helping to protect his weakness; alas, it’s not...

The U.S. media is completely allied with the Biden campaign to construct a false reality based on the manipulation of all forms of media.” --Sundance

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