Monday, May 03, 2004

Just bootstrap it

Start Your Own Software Company: A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up a Computer Software BusinessExcellent article on starting up a software company on the cheap.

Greg Gianforte thinks he knows the single best way to launch a business. Here's his secret: "Bootstrap it."

That's how Gianforte launched his first company, software maker Brightwork Development Inc., in 1986. Eight years later he and his partners sold the business to McAfee Associates for more than $10 million -- a move that enabled Gianforte to retire to Bozeman, Mont., at age 33. After realizing that he couldn't spend the rest of his life fly-fishing, Gianforte started his second major venture, RightNow Technologies Inc. In almost five years, RightNow has grown from a spare bedroom in Gianforte's home to 230 employees and $30 million in sales. So it's understandable that he might think that he's onto something good here...

Start with Nothing

Sound Focus

Sound Synthesis and SamplingFrom MIT's Tech Review, a fascinating description of emerging focused sound technologies. Imagine four people sitting in a car, each listening to their own personalized music, but without headphones!

...two inventors are each staking claim to a new audio technology that corporate customers say will have a huge market within the next five years. Known as directional sound, it uses an ultrasound emitter to shoot a laserlike beam of audible sound so focused that only people inside a narrow path can hear it. “It’s phenomenal,” says Simon Beesley, an audio marketing manager for Sony’s European business division. So far Sony has sold just a handful of directional-sound systems for specialty installations in stores and other locations, but ultimately, says Beesley, “Without question, this is going to be a billion-dollar-plus product.” ...

The Sound War

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