Sunday, August 20, 2006

Doug's Top 20 Political Blogs

Lots of folks have asked me, "Doug, what are your favorite political blogs?" Well, actually, no one has asked me that, but I'm prepared to answer the question anyhow. As of mid-2006, my top twenty political blogs are:
1) Little Green Footballs
2) PowerLine
3) Hugh Hewitt
4) James Taranto's Best of the Web
5) Michelle Malkin
6) Captain's Quarters
7) PoliPundit
8) Real Clear Politics
9) Gates of Vienna
10) CounterTerrorism Blog
11) Neil Boortz
12) Right Wing News
13) Right Wing Nut House
14) Belmont Club
15) Blame Bush
16) BlackFive
17) DefenseTech
18) Gateway Pundit
19) Wizbang Blog
20) HedgeHog Blog

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