Monday, August 28, 2023

DEMOCRATS: The Pretend Party

Imagine a Political Party That Pretends the Following:

THEY PRETEND: Its leader – an octogenarian who didn’t campaign for office and can’t face a free press - is fit for the job.

THEY PRETEND: It’s no concern that the octo’s family received $50 million (or perhaps much more) from foreign interests while China accessed sensitive U.S. military technologies.

THEY PRETEND: Intimidating social media companies to suppress free speech doesn’t ridiculously violate the Constitution.

THEY PRETEND: You can charge a President with “election interference” to interfere with his election campaign.

THEY PRETEND: Killing American energy independence (Keystone XL, etc.) on its leader’s first day in office didn’t spur massive inflation, food insecurity, bank failures, supply chain problems, inflation and overall economic malaise.

THEY PRETEND: Opening the borders to Mexican cartels doesn’t kill 100,000 or so Americans each year, from Fentanyl to organized gang crime in every city in America.

THEY PRETEND: Opening the borders to battalions of Chinese, military-age males won’t lead to disaster.

THEY PRETEND: That Crimea and Ukraine were invaded because of their party’s strong security posture.

THEY PRETEND: That Iran’s terroristic, mass-murdering regime deserves nuclear weapons.

THEY PRETEND: That the withdrawal from Afghanistan was perfect, and if it wasn’t - it was someone else’s fault.

THEY PRETEND: That experimental and untested vaccines can – and must – be mandated by the federal government to demonstrate its control of your body.

THEY PRETEND: Women don’t make up a gender, but a belief.

THEY PRETEND: Men can have babies and women can have dongles.

THEY PRETEND: Children can suddenly decide to change their gender - permanently - without consequences.

THEY PRETEND: That an abortion at 38 weeks for a healthy woman and a healthy child constitutes a form of health care. (Note: no one in any party supports - or has ever supported - risking the life of a Mother during a troubled pregnancy. No NICU Doctor would tell you otherwise.).

THEY PRETEND: That trans ideology is, and always has been, a healthy adjunct to human society and civilization.

THEY PRETEND: That Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – the basis of photosynthesis and all life on Earth – is bad for the Earth.

THEY PRETEND: That CO2, plant food that all of us animals exhale, is a pollutant.

THEY PRETEND: That restricting America’ access to energy while China builds a thousand coal plants a year, will help U.S. national security.

THEY PRETEND: That restricting tiny levels of Co2 outweighs the impact of the sun, volcanoes, and wildfires that blot out the sun over multiple continents.

THEY PRETEND: That its utterly corrupt DOJ and FBI - which forged FISA warrants; illegally gave political contractors and Democrat lawyers access to our country’s most sensitive national security databases; covered up various crimes by Democrat leaders while prosecuting Republicans; well, that that’s all fine and none of it needs reform.

THEY PRETEND: That the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Ukraine Bribery Impeachment, and countless other frauds weren’t coordinated by their party’s leaders.

THEY PRETEND: That Adam Schiff - who told countless lies to the American people over many years - is a hero.

THEY PRETEND: That they honestly took their Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution, a document they wholly reject.

THEY PRETEND: That the Communist takeover of their party, which has involved rigging elections and imprisoning political opponents for complaining about it, won’t be catastrophic for all of us. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents.

THEY PRETEND: That the instigator, Barack Obama isn’t the real president and serving in an unconstitutional third term.

In the 19th Century, the Democrats waged a Civil War so they could have slaves.

In the 20th Century, the Democrats supported Jim Crow and the KKK.

In the 21st Century, inner-city kids of every race, especially African-American, have suffered continuously under Democrat rule.

The Democrat Party Hates America.

I beseech you. I beg you.

Stop the Democrat Party in 2024. Enlist your family and friends. Volunteer to watch the polls. Watch the drop-boxes. Support True The Vote and other non-partisan voter integrity projects. Help defeat the Obama-Marxist takeover of America.

Before it’s too late.

P.S., Please review True the Vote’s Georgia Election 2020 Research.


Man in PA said...

Too true.

Anonymous said...

The communists play buy no rules civilized people endorse. We are told to stop them we must behave as if going to a church social. Any bets on who is going to win?

doc182 said...

It's already too late.

commoncents said...

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Anonymous said...

One more smoking gun point: The Democratic Party is officially supporting American Apartheid, the resurrection of the principle of "separate but equal".