Thursday, October 06, 2005

Non-story #8,604: Hafnium shipment intercepted at Bulgarian Border

Osama's Revenge: THE NEXT 9/11 : What the Media and the Government Haven't Told YouThe Sunday Herald of Scotland reports another interesting little story that the Mediacrats haven't deemed lede-worthy. A shipment of around ten pounds of hafnium, which can be used to enrich nuclear material, was intercepted by Bulgarian customs officials late last month.

Where was it headed? The chief of the Bulgarian police stated that is was destined for the Middle East, brokered by the Romanian mafia. Add it all up: organized crime, the Middle East, and lots of interesting toys from the old Soviet bloc. Nah... that's not worth reporting.

Where are the "journalists"? Where, indeed? Hey, does someone want to wake up Andy Rooney and give him the news?

Iran's quest to become a nuclear power has galvanised the Balkan mafias, security sources have warned following the discovery of potentially lethal nuclear enrichment material in the region. Last week, Bulgarian customs officials prevented a car from crossing into Romania after discovering 3.5kg of hafnium, a metallic element that is used in the nuclear enrichment process and which could potentially be employed in the manufacture of radioactive "dirty bombs".

Sunday Herald: Police fear Balkan mafia eager to sell A-bomb materials to Iran

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