Sunday, October 30, 2005

"I ain't real good at number-countin' and stuff"

The invaluable Newsbusters site points to this bizarre gaffe by Tim Russert. That Russert, the 'golden child' of mainstream political commentators, could be so unaware of recent history seems -- at best -- implausible. But not out of character for his ilk.

[with great] anticipation by many in the media, a Bush Administration official, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, was today indicted by a federal grand jury. NBC's Washington bureau chief Tim Russert wanted to emphasize the event's importance, telling his MSNBC audience: "This is significant, it's the first time in 130 years a White House official has been indicted."

Not according to MSNBC's own Web site. It's "Fact File: White House Staff Indictments" provides a "brief history of indictments in recent administrations." Going back only into the mid-1970s, it identifies eight people, including a Reagan Cabinet member and two Clinton Cabinet members, who were indicted on various charges. These included conspiracy, obstruction, embezzlement, illegal stock trading, lying to the FBI and grand larceny.

I ain't real good at number-countin' and stuff, but I'm thinkin' that 130 number ain't quite right.

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