Friday, October 21, 2005

Honda Offers Natural Gas-Powered Civic

21st Century Complete Guide to Alternative FuelsHonda is offering a natural gas-powered Civic in sourthern California. The Civic GX model -- for a limited time -- also includes the "Phill" home refueling appliance, free of charge. The MSRP is $21K and that figure, of course, doesn't include the $2K federal tax deduction.

After seven years of successfully marketing the Civic GX strictly to fleet operators who have the convenience of dedicated fueling stations, the Civic GX-Phill package is now available to southern California consumers that live within the boundaries of the SCAQMD. The Civic GX sedan provides practical transportation for up to four passengers and a driving range of between 200 and 220 miles, given the possibility to conveniently refuel as necessary from the customers own home...

Phill, the world's first low-cost, home-based refueling appliance that can be mounted to a garage wall either indoors or outdoors, to allow natural gas powered vehicles to be refueled overnight directly from a homeowner's existing natural gas supply line. Phill provides GX drivers enough fuel for approximately 100 miles of driving on an eight hour refueling cycle. Phill is designed to offer ease of operation with simple "start" and "stop" buttons and will automatically turn itself off when the tank is full. Phil also has numerous safeguards throughout its system. Like any natural gas appliance, a FuelMaker trained installer must install Phill...

AutoSpies: Honda offers Natural Gas-powered Civic

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