Friday, October 28, 2005

The Left: Partying over American Dead

Faux outrage over at the Dauo Report, where Peter Daou objects to Leftist events marking two thousand American deaths in Iraq as "parties".

LGF operative ZombieTime happened to attend one such party. And he took lots of pictures. Judge for yourself.

As famed milblogger BlackFive noted recently:

There are two groups that will celebrate and use George Alexander's sacrifice. The morally bankrupt anti-war movement. And Al Qaeda.

As for the watery Leftist question -- "[H]ow is it that wanting our troops NOT to die is worse than wanting them to remain in the line of fire?" -- BlackFive notes the nature of the question is...

Disengenuous. Your question assumes a fact not in evidence -- that the majority of purported "antiwar" folks are motivated by a desire to keep our troops from dying. Certainly, the statements from many such folks reveals a virulent hatred of the US. I am also curious as to why so many so-called "antiwar" folks seemed quite happy for Bill Clinton to send US troops all over the globe.

In any case, a blind desire to "bring the troops home" is not necessarily in the troops' best interest, even if we assume that this is your true motivation. Any rational person can see how such protests could embolden our enemy and actually increase the danger to our troops. For that matter, imagine what the world would be like if such an argument had prevailed in World War II or the American Civil War? In either case, "bringing the troops home" would have resulted in horrific consequences. Have the antiwar folks bothered to poll the troops on this issue?

And frankly, I am unconvinced that most of the "antiwar" folks are actually opposed to war. I think that they are just opposed to the US. Certainly, they seem unconcerned that their conduct may well encourage our enemies.

Even if they do not intend for the Islamist fanatics to be encouraged, so what? Seems to me that a grownup should be held to intend the consequences of an act, if those consequences are reasonably forseeable.

In any case, I have a question for you that I can't seem to get any antiwar folks to answer:

Do you think that a majority of Iraqis wish that Saddam was still in power?

Dauo and the rest of the anti-American gasbags simply need to declare their true allegiances. If they are truly pro-terror, they should go ahead and say so. Because their mission -- so far -- appears to align perfectly with that of the terrorists.

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