Saturday, September 02, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The 2016 Election is Not Reversible

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The 2016 Election is Not Reversible: Angelo Codevilla
The Swamp Strikes Back: Peter Schiff
GOP Senate Can’t Repeal Obamacare But Will Pass DREAMERS Amnesty: GWP

Mueller Associate Schneiderman Took Donations From Menendez Crony: GotNews
FBI and DHS Recognize Far Left Antifa Activity as “Domestic Terrorist Violence”: GWP
FBI, DHS warned of increasingly violent Antifa clashes in 2016, documents show: Fox

Good News: Many Elected Republicans Support Keeping DACA: William Teach
McMaster brings top Obama admin officials into NSC, sources say: CR
Discarded Banana Causes Racist Paranoia for Students at Ole Miss: Trey Sanchez

The Hitler-Sanger connection: Dinesh D'Souza
What Muslims Really Pray at 'Interfaith' Gatherings: Rachel Lipsky
Cleveland police, EMS unions refuse to hold flag at game after Browns players kneel: Fox8


Democrats Embrace A Single-Payer Plan That's Radical Even By Communist China Standards: Investors
Citizens suffer drop of up to $118 billion in annual wages because of illegal immigration: CIS [PDF]
Russia vs US Economic War: Who’s Going to be the Ultimate Loser?: Phil Butler

Scandal Central

Jay Sekulow: New Revelations Show Comey Committed ‘Fraud’ In Clinton Probe: Jack Davis
The whole #FBI investigation of the #HillaryClinton email scandal was a sham: ACLJ
Comey Gave Clinton Aides Immunity After He Had Already Decided To Exonerate Hillary: WZ

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Kellyanne Conway Obliterates Chris Cuomo On ‘Climate Change’: William Teach
Hot Take: Harvey Is A Harbinger Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something: William Teach
Maps show what Harvey's impact would look like in other U.S. states: Chron


NBC News whiffs on Russiagate story: Erik Wemple, WaPo
Snopes On The Ropes – Founder Of Fact Checking Website Accused Of Fraud: Jim Jamitis
The Most Trusted Name In News: WRSA

As Its Influence Wanes, Increasingly Militant MSM Promotes Violence and Censorship: Breitbart
This viral post captures Houston heroes so perfectly you will cry: Chris Pandolfo
The Mossad’ trolls Linda Sarsour with 1 word: Twitchy


North Korea's Kim Jong-Un may launch sixth nuke next week: Daily Mail
Has France Been Bought by a State Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism?: Drieu Godefridi
The Vatican Joins the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Leonard Hammer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google Issues Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Remove 'Hateful' Article or Lose Ad Revenue: Tyler O'Neil
Hays: Artificial intelligence set to revolutionize recruitment: SMBWorld Asia
Court: TSA Agents Can Be Shielded From Certain Civil Rights Lawsuits Because They're Too Important: Techdirt


Redneck 100 Yard Dash ~OR~ Empty Nest Adventures: Woodsterman
‘Just Send Money’: MOTUS
Game of Thrones cut a pivotal scene from the S7 finale: SmokeRoom

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see Lipsky address Interfaith services and taqiyya.
Muslims who are caught as lawbreakers should be circumcised before being released. Can't think of a better way to mark the men who abuse and mutilate women.