Monday, September 04, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Weaponization of History and Journalism

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The Weaponization of History and Journalism: Paul Craig Roberts
The Pathological Psychosis of Progressive Politics: Federal Observer
Neo-Nazis to One Side, Antifa to the Other: Cato

Report: Trump To End DACA, With 6 Month Grace Period: William Teach
Tom Cotton, top Senate immigration hawk, supports legalization in DACA deal: Byron York
Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay: Eliana Johnson

Chicago Sun Times: Let Grandmas And Dreamers Stay Or Something: William Teach
Let us mock Texans, their faith and their politics: Sense of Events
Shameless: ABC Exploits Harvey Aftermath to Push for DACA: Nicholas Fondacaro

A Word to the Wise: Burning Platform
Surprise: Trump Resistance Groups Are Taking North Korea’s Side: William Teach
DNC Fraud Lawsuit Provides Update, Hope: Disobedient


De Blasio Is Spending New York into Trouble: Nicole Gelinas
How President Obama Shrank America’s Consumer Dollar: Michael Bargo, Jr.
Trump Administration to Base Obamacare Navigator Funding on Performance: Ali Meyer

Scandal Central

Time for a Full Investigation... of the FBI: Roger L. Simon
More Evidence That Comey Deserved To Be Fired: James Freeman
Stakes could be high in Menendez corruption trial: KIYC

Climate, Energy & Regulations

China’s Oil Lifeline to North Korea Targeted After Nuclear Blast: Bloomberg
Hurricane Harvey: A Visual Anthology: Stratfor Worldview
Al Gore Outsold On Kindle By An E-Book Debunking ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’: Michael Bastasch


Nets Censor Bombshell That Comey Didn’t Wait for Facts to Rescue Hillary: Scott Whitlock
POTUS Retweets Meme Mocking Hillary Memoir: Tammy Bruce
Ten Reasons To Hate Huffington Post (like you needed any): Civil Libertarian (2013)

Left-Wing Outlets Spread False Story Claiming GOP Official Turned Down Disaster Aid: Alex Griswold
Shoe0nHead on Why She Was Banned from Buzzfeed: BattleSwarm
Conan Does Israel: Scott Johnson


Trump Condemns ‘Very Hostile’ North Korea Following Sixth Nuclear Test: Cameron Cawthorne
North Korea's nuclear bases targeted with MISSILES in live fire drill: DailyStar
With Powerful Bomb, Kim Dares Both Trump and Xi to Stop Him: Andy Sharp and David Tweed

Posing as Migrants: "More than 50,000 jihadists are now living in Europe.": Soeren Kern
Iran Send Warnings to U.S. Aircraft: AP
FRANCE: What happens when police enter Muslim NO-GO Zones around Paris: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is cyber warfare the way to get rid of Kim?: Daily Mail
Mysterious signal from deep space goes hyperactive: Eric Mack
New Techniques in Fake Reviews: Bruce Schneier


Review: Season one of Ozark: DTG
COMEYVOYANT - Comey "Saw" Hillary's Innocence: Cube
Crusader Nabbed By Michigan Cops: TSG

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